I do not dream: I am dreamt. (Carl Gustav Jung)

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Long time, no posting.

If anyone is still reading this blog, here’s an update on what I’ve been up to and how to keep in touch:

  • I am in the process of moving my blog posts to the Dreamorpheus website. It’s still a work-in-progress but things will slowly coming together in time.
  • If you’re on facebook, you may also like to connect with me here.

Blessed dreaming.

x Aello

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Snake in the house

I am sitting on the floor watching TV in my house back in my home country. I begin to feel tight and strange and realise a snake is crawling around my body. It is so sticky and hard to remove but after a big fight I am able to get rid of it. Then I ran downstairs to find my brothers but instead of being white marble, the stairs are dirty and covered in grime, baby fish and black snakes. I ran and one of my brothers got a high-pressure water cleaner. We start to clean and remove all the grossness from the house. I tell my younger brother about the big, horrible snake and he grabs it and throws it away.

Clear out your house sooner rather than later. Throw out all the stuff you don’t need/want/use, and then give the place a spring clean.  You might also like to cleasnse the space energetically by smudging. It’s not that there’s anything in your house but the snake is a symbol of transformation and it seems to be rather persistent about getting your attention. Using a salt scrub in the shower might also be a good idea. You want to create a blank canvas for new conditions.

Going downstairs and using the high-pressure water cleaner indicates that you have some repressed/hidden emotional stuff to release. Do you run or lift weights? I feel that some sort of “macho” physical exercise would be helpful here. There’s a lot of energy being held back and you need to find a controlled and positive way to release it. Boxercise or martial arts would also work.

It’s rare for the people in our dreams to actually represent the people in our waking life. Houses are our psyches. Your brothers represent the masculine part of yourself and all the good things about men – how they are strong, take charge, make decisions, and leap into action. This is what the snake wants you to do. You fought it off in the dreams but now you have to bring this fighting spirit to your waking life.

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scarab vs spider

Throughout this dream I am flooded with a barrage of thoughts and questions about good and evil, life and death, and natural order – from my own point of view as well as that of the scarab beetle and the spider.

I rescued a green-golden scarab beetle that had become caught in the spider’s web outside my bedroom window. I used a pen inscribed with ‘Health by Choice’ to separate the two creatures. The spider retreated under the window and the beetle fell into the grass. When I found the beetle it was covered in sticky web, unable to use its wings. The beetle spoke to me distressed and confused before dying. I marked the location with a twig and went back inside the house.

Some time later I returned to find the beetle’s body still in the grass and the spider looking down from the window. Again, I was overwhelmed by the barrage of emotions and moral questions that flooded me as I watched the spider hunt and as I watched the beetle die. I was so saddened; there was an intense ringing in my ears and my heart began to beat faster and faster when I suddenly awoke feeling very agitated.

The scarab beetle is revered as a symbol of rebirth in ancient Egypt. The young beetles emerge from dung balls; a natural example of discarded matter sustaining new life. The beetles were also associated with the rising and setting of the sun (moving the sun across the sky like a dung ball). A green heart scarab was an important mummification ornament to assist the deceased during the ‘Weighing of the Heart’ ceremony.

Spiders too are sacred. They are weavers of dreams and fate. By creating a web, a spider creates its own world – a home, a trap, a nursery, a pantry… In common with the scarab beetle, due to the spider’s association with the figure 8 (which turned on its side is the symbol for infinity), the spider has also come to symbolise eternity.

It is interesting that you intervene between the spider and the beetle with a pen. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. I believe this is the key symbol in your dream. There are risks associated with putting things down, or merely thinking, in black and white. The big questions that you ask yourself (as a human, as the scarab beetle, and as the spider) show that the choice between good and evil, right and wrong, life and death are not as easy as perhaps they first appear.

Everyday choices play a part in the bigger picture. We all contribute to the dance of life. Inside each one of us is the predator and the prey. It is not a question of who wins. Life is not a battle, or even a game; it is a dance. Through everyday choices – big and small – each of us plays a part in the bigger picture. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow but we all contribute to the dance of life.


chewing gum joy

Last night I had a most delightful dream. I was travelling the world with a two-year-old girl. The little girl and I painted ourselves with glitter and called it fairy dust. We sprinkled this dust and all the other joy we had on a long piece of chewing gum. At the end of our travels, I knew I had to get the little girl home. All of a sudden, we were being chased and had to jump down a big slope to get her to the gate to her mother. I was worried about my knees failing and remember trusting and recalling I will be okay. With the girl in my arms, I jumped and landed well, got the little one through the gate to her mother. We then urged the mother to ‘taste the joy’ of our travels by having some of the chewing gum.

This dream urges you to embrace the joy of childhood innocence in your adult life. The little girl and the mother are both aspects of your Self. The chewing gum is an interesting dream symbol, embodying youthful flexibility and fun – qualities that your adult self needs a little encouragement to taste. You have the skills and most importantly the faith to take the leap required to reunite the mother and daughter within yourself.


black panther unleashed

I had a strange dream this morning. I dreamt of a cage, which looked kind of like an aquarium with two levels. On the bottom was water with black goldfish swimming, on the upper level was a black panther. The black panther broke a hole through his level and was fishing for the goldfish. It killed at least a couple. I was trying to hide the opening with dirt and boards, but it
already knew there were fish, so it kept breaking through. Then the cage started coming apart and I was trying to keep it together, afraid of what would happen with the panther loose and I knew the fish would die.

Some background information: I’m going through a major transitional state right now. It seems like a major phase of my life is coming to an end and I’m not sure where I’m headed.

The cage is representative of your state of mind. You can see out of a cage but ultimately it is a rigid structure designed to imprison. The panther and the goldfish are parts of your self: one strong, powerful and focused on the goal; the others small, scattered and waiting to be eaten or rescued. The cage coming apart symbolises the known structures of your life breaking down.

Change is inevitable. The panther will be free and sacrifices will be made (ie you are going to loose some goldfish). Embrace your strong psychic-spiritual feminine energy, call Her into your material world, trust and actively choose to walk your own path through the unknown. You are the black panther.

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discarded baggage

I dreamed I was at the airport and had too many bags.  I purposely left one bag behind that contained reminders of my past, literally ‘old baggage’, that I wanted to leave behind.  Unfortunately, weeks later I got a call from Security that they had found it and they insisted on returning it to me.

This dream is a reminder that disposing of emotional baggage isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be. Memories cannot simply be discarded to satisfy convenience and naïve desire. All experiences, both good and bad, contribute to who you are today – and I bet you have a lot of wonderful talents and personal qualities.

Rather than dismiss the past by leaving it behind (perhaps for someone else to deal with?), you must accept that you have a responsibility to your essential self to accept the memories and assimilate the lessons from these experiences – even if they seem hard to handle.

It isn’t necessary to delve into the contents of that ‘old baggage’ regularly but you do need to accept ownership and responsibility for all of your luggage. Maybe, on your next dream trip, you could pack a lighter? Or  if you insist on carrying all your emotional baggage a trolley may make handling easier. Your own emotional security demands that you find a solution.


happy solar return

Sun Series & Valerie Lynch Art 2008

Sun Series & Valerie Lynch Art 2008

Cool. I’ve been blogging here at dreamorpheus for a year now. The Sun has done a full circle of the zodiac, back to the ‘natal’ astrological position.  In the dreamorpheus ‘first post’ chart, I like the look of Jupiter in Capricorn in the 3rd house trining Saturn in Virgo in the 11th. Communicating on a grand scale with some lovely stick-at-it Earth energy to ground me. There’s also a communicative Air trine between Mercury and the dream planet, Neptune.

I’m proud of my efforts and want to acknowledge the support I’ve received from readers who’ve submitted their dreams for interpretation and posted comments. Thank you. And extra special thanks to astrological wisewoman, Julie Demboski, for the inspiration and encouragement she has so generously given this baby blogger.

Brightest blessings to you all.


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