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In this, my first post, I humbly offer one of my own dreams. Extremely vivid, I believe this dream reflects profound changes occurring in my inner (and eventually outer) life.


I am in a large older-style lounge room/library furnished with traditional leather lounges; rolled arm chairs, lampshades with tassels, that sort of thing. The walls are covered in shelves full of books. The ceiling is high. The room is dimly lit but with a pleasant ambience.


I am part of the group hosting a pagan ritual. We are waiting for people to arrive, relaxed and amiable. Non-descript people come and join us. Suddenly a ‘celebrity witch’ of great power with a small entourage makes a grand entrance. She takes a seat. All attention is turned to her.


The celebrity witch stands and levitates, hovering a couple of metres in the air. I’m not sure if she is doing this specifically for my benefit or not. She is looking at me though and is gesturing with her hands by her sides, palms forward. I can feel her power ripple through me – it is truly awesome. My experience of this energy is the most distinct part of the dream. It was a physical sensation – as much as one can have whilst dreaming anyway… I am impressed and in awe of this witch’s power but I also think ‘well what was the point of that’ and wonder about the meaning behind such a showy display.


Afterwards, another woman (one of the boss witches from my real coven) begins to organise the group for the start of the ritual. She announces that I will be running the ritual and hands me the notes. I’m shocked. I didn’t know about this. Sure enough though there is my name on the ritual notes. As people are gathering in the circle, I realise I’m really angry about it. The group look to me expectantly. I burst out ‘I didn’t write this ritual and I’m too angry to participate’. I hand off the paper and leave the room. The dream ends with me sitting in the adjacent kitchen which is modern and empty.


Set inside, this dream is representative of my subconscious mind rather than my experience of the outside world. Traditional knowledge is represented by the library. Authority figures are also present in the form of the celebrity witch and the boss witch (who I have enormous affection and respect for in my waking life).  A theme has emerged: My attitude towards knowledge and experience. 


The dream could be interpreted as a kind of initiation, the passing of power and knowledge from those more experienced. It is wise, however, to remember that the dream is set indoors and to pay attention to the emotions. Although I am in awe of the celebrity witch’s power, I question the dramatic expression of this power. Although the boss witch hands me the ritual notes, I do not accept them. The women in the dream are aspects of my self. Within me there is a powerful being that I reject because… because I don’t want to be seen as a show-off.  But it is this part of me that empowers me to speak up and not go ‘by the book’.


I believe that a key message of this dream is that I must learn to recognise, accept and work with my own personal power. Thankfully, I have some time alone in the kitchen to think about it.



Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

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