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abundance and balance

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I was at a hotel at the Gold Coast with a companion. We were going to the markets and it was like a combination flea market/southbank type of thing. The stalls were managed by gypsies. I can remember looking for clothes and jewellery but couldn’t find anything or it was too expensive.

Finally a sleazy-looking gypsy guy (hair greased back in a ponytail, ring in his ear, open shirt) invited me to have a look at a stand. For some reason I knew it wasn’t his but it belonged to another gypsy woman. There were heaps of bargains but in particular two pairs of earrings – one ruby, one emerald. They were on a small silver bar with a stone on each end.

Dream chages….I was an old man and an observer of myself at the same time???
This dream is a lot more hazy….

I remember two old men, one was very European and the other Native American. They both hadn’t been swimming for a very long time. Everyone was encouraging them to go for a swim. People were cheering as they both walked down to the river with white sandy banks. The European went in first. I remember his crinkly white back and balding head. He was really enjoying himself.

Then the Indian went in. He had a brown, wrinkly face with warm eyes and long ‘salt and pepper’ hair. At first he was really enjoying himself but then he realised that the chemicals from soap, detergents and food were running from the pores of his body and into the water. He could see this water going deep into the earth and polluting it. He got out of the water but could see the other man swimming, oblivious and two young children splashing in the water.

Both parts of the dream are outdoors so it is about your place in the world. You recognise the world as lively and varied, like the markets, a mix of trash and treasure. There is a lot on offer but not much of it suits your needs – you can’t find what you are looking for.

There are some indicators of money worries or financial pressure. You are at the ‘gold’ coast. The word ‘bank’ comes up twice – first, your reference to the market, and later, the ‘banks’ of the river. At the market, your initial impressions are that things are ‘too expensive’. It seems that although you find your earrings, the purchase is not part of the dream…

I believe this links to the presence of the gypsies. While economically disadvantaged in most parts of the world, the Romani people have rich cultural traditions. Although you perceive the gypsy man as sleazy, it is he that leads you what you were searching for – the earrings, a special item to adorn yourself.

In Crystal Workbook, Sheril Berkovitch tells us that ruby is a high-energy stone associated with the root chakra that provides strength and self-belief. Emerald is an uplifting stone that encourages love, prosperity and healing. It is associated with the heart chakra. There was a particular phrase in the information on emerald that stood out to me: ‘Helps you recognise abundance in forms other than monetary…’

I believe it would be helpful for you to meditate on your attitudes towards abundance. It comes in many forms – supportive relationships, good health, love, home and family. Look beyond your bank balance; recognise and be grateful for the many blessings that the Goddess has bestowed upon you.

For She is present in this dream as well. The stones of the earrings are set in silver, a colour associated with the moon, the feminine, the Goddess. The colours of the stones themselves represent two aspects of her love. Red is the sexual, passionate energy of the sacral chakra (link to the overt sexual energy of the ‘sleazy’ gypsy man) and green is the compassionate love energy of the heart chakra. This is the infinite abundance of the Goddess. Your attraction to these particular earrings reveals a need to express this energy in your outer life.

There are lots of pairs in your dream, everything seems to come in twos – the trash/treasure market, two pairs of earrings with a stone on each end, white/indigenous (present in the form of the gypsies and the Native American), the two children splashing. But there is no need to make a choice; the solution is not to favour one half of the duality over the other. Integrate and balance. The crowd cheers both men to swim.

The later part of the dream could be a caution against greed and ignorance. The European man is ‘oblivious’ to the damage human activities do to the Earth. The Native American is aware of the terrible consequences and gets out of the water. We are part of the Earth. By disrespecting and harming the Earth, we disrespect and harm ourselves. You have acknowledged this in your dream by being the old man and observing him simultaneously.

Bring this awareness of our interconnectedness to your waking life. Cleanse yourself of ‘pollutants’. Feel the emotions and then let them go. Recognise abundance in your life and express gratitude.


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