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dolphins or dollars

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I am standing at a counter, possibly a shop and a lady approaches me and asks to see my hands.  The lady was young, about 20, with long dark silky hair that was particularly shiny. Her features were fine and delicate, like porcelain.

The lady takes my right hand and forms the fingers into the shape of a dolphin and tells me it is drawing me to the sea. She then takes my left hand and begins to stroke it from the wrist to the tips of my fingers and says ‘This one you know is worth a million dollars’.

I ask her why that is and she says ‘This you most surely know’.  The lady then leaves and I find myself back at home feeling very confused.


A recurrent dream is your subconscious expressing its exasperation. There is something you are missing or ignoring. The issues that trigger the dream are ongoing and unresolved. The dream is likely to continue until you make the necessary changes in your waking life.

The young lady is shiny and new and precious. Your younger self is speaking to you. She is confident and sure of what she wants from life. You can draw from her youthful wisdom to help with the choices you make today.

Her message ‘This you most surely know’ is because you already know the answers at a subconscious level. Your conscious mind is recalcitrant; hence the recurrence of the dream. Once you ‘get’ the message the feeling of confusion will be gone.

Generally, the right hand is more active than the ‘sinister’ left hand. The traditional distinction between the right hand and left hand paths seems to be reflected in the message the young lady offers for each hand. Your path is in your hands – you have everything you need at your fingertips.

The right hand path is associated with spirituality, universal moral codes, worshipping and merging with deity. The key to this path for you is symbolised by the dolphin – a beautiful animal associated with intelligence, freedom and playfulness. Visit Shamanism Working With Animal Spirits for further clues on the message from the dolphin.

(And just as an aside, I love, love, love that website. Often a particular animal will keep appearing to me – in living form, in advertising, in a song lyric. When it happens, take notice – an important message is being communicated to you. Most recently, owls have been with me offering wisdom as I face my shadow self.)

But back to the dolphin… I suspect that it’s been a while since you’ve been to the beach. Go to the ocean! Breathe in the sea air, listen to the waves, feel the cool water on your skin and the sand underfoot. It will help you find the answers you seek.

On the other hand…

The left hand is associated with earthy goals, an individual moral code, and the self becoming deity. The million dollars that your left hand is worth is perfectly in keeping with the more material aspects of this path. But there is much in this world that is more valuable than money. What do you value? The phrase ‘one in a million’ springs to mind… What is special about you? How have you used your individual gifts in the world? Recognise your unique self and celebrate.

As always, I’d love some feedback from the dreamer as your personal relationship to the symbols are the best guide for interpretation.

And fellow dreamers, please post a comment if you have any thoughts on possible interpretation of the symbols – the dolphin, your thoughts on right and left, or anything else.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

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