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travelling with strangers

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I had two dreams last night. I was on an ocean liner with loads of people. I didn’t know any of them. I woke up with a headache. When back to sleep I dreamt that I was on a coach with a man sitting next to me. I did not know him. He had long grey hair and fell asleep on my lap. I could not move him no matter what I did.

The common element in these dreams is that you are travelling – firstly on an ocean liner and then on a coach. Transportation in dreams often relates to your direction in life and how you are progressing towards it.

On both journeys, you are a passenger rather than the driver. This indicates that you have surrendered control and responsibility.

Your travelling companions are unknown to you but you share a similar experience. How did you feel towards them? How did they feel towards you? Waking with a headache may indicate that the dream experience was stressful in some way. Are you comfortable meeting new people?

As mentioned in previous posts, water represents emotions, feelings and relationships. An ocean liner is purpose built to negotiate this territory, so although you are a stretching yourself, you are well-prepared for the emotional journey.

The next stage of your dream journey occurs in a coach. Still travelling, still moving towards your goal, you are now traversing land, indicating a concern for practical matters such as work and money.

Though you do not know him, the sleeping man is an aspect of yourself. And it seems he is in desperate need of rest. Not being able to move the sleeping man ties in with being a passenger – the theme of ‘powerlessness’ is repeated. Have you been working too hard?

It is likely that the ‘journeys’ you are now taking in life will lead you to discover new and interesting parts of yourself that you did not even realise existed. It is important that you take time to rest as you move towards your goals.


Author: Kim

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