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crossing a river

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I was travelling down a road which was flooded by a river. I remember that there were some of my co-workers on both sides of the river. My manager and the other managers wanted all the people on my side of the river to cross. No-one wanted to do it because they’d get wet. There were a few spiels from various generic company men trying to encourage/bully people into crossing.

I didn’t really want to cross the river but felt as though I had to. Originally the river was quite wide, but when I assessed the situation it seemed to be smaller and scattered with floating crates. I calculated a path across using the crates, including one or two ‘leaps of faith’ which would mean I’d get wet.

I took my run up and began running and jumping across the crates. I had one slight mishap and my shoe got soaked. The final leap to the bank was too far and I landed in the water. Fortunately though I only got my left leg wet to just above the knee. I made it across and wasn’t as drenched as I’d thought I’d be.

I felt good, like ‘Oh wow, I made it!’ but once there nobody knew what the f*** was going on. I didn’t even bother asking those in authority.  It was apparent people were just doing their own thing and the bosses were just wandering around confused about what the next task was.

It was at this point I just went ‘Oh well’ and walked off down the road and hopped on some futuristic monorail thing. I met a group of blokes on the train who were stepping out on the town. The dream became an adventure of me and the other dudes running about in the futuristic city. During this adventure, I met a hot Indian/Malaysian chick.  I put the hard word on her and she actually said yes, so the dream degenerated into searching for a ‘secluded’ area. 



When I woke up not long after the dreams, I remembered the ‘leap of faith’ part. The thing that really stood out to me afterwards was the way the company wanted everyone to get across the river to help do something important.  They conveyed the need for everyone to do this, but there was no assistance from the people on the other bank whatsoever. There was no plan, no attempt to make a bridge or reposition the crates. People were just expected to throw themselves into the water and make their own way across to the other side, with no care to for own well-being.

The funny part was I thought I was so good having charged across the river to make it to the other side, albeit slightly wet, whilst so many people just sat on the other bank complaining and whinging.  When I thought about the dream once I was awake, I realized that the so-called managers making the demands did SFA to actually help the workers across the river.



This dream highlights the differences between what you ‘have’ to do versus what you want to do. I’m inclined to take the first part of the dream at face value and say that it’s definitely about your attitude towards your work – specifically, as represented by the water, your efforts to keep your emotions separate from the job. Like your co-workers, you’d prefer not to get wet. In your own dream analysis (yep, that’s what you did – well done!), you mention the conflict between the demands made by the ‘so-called managers’ and the workers protecting their well-being. While other workers may be feeling the demands in another area of their life, the pressure you feel is emotional in nature. This natural self-preservation instinct conflicts with your sense of duty and confidence in your abilities.

The flooded river indicates that the energies in your workplace are running high and your colleagues are more emotional than usual. This makes you uncomfortable. You don’t want to cross the river but you don’t want to sit around complaining either.

You are subconsciously aware that work isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ and the dream is reminding your conscious mind that you can do the job with minimal risk to your emotional health. You aren’t immersed in the emotions that surround you but you are wary of them. Without denigrating the importance of the little things in life, only your shoe and lower leg get wet when crossing the river, indicating only minor inconveniences to your day-to-day routine, the ‘legwork’ of life.

It doesn’t matter to you that no-one knows what’s going on – being bothered by the confusion would mean immersing yourself in the emotional waters. You’ve done your bit and will be rewarded. Look at the amazing adventures that beckon once you have crossed the river. You will be free to explore new paths and new work opportunities. Initially, you are happy to follow the blokes along a pre-determined path (the monorail/train) but when you see something (or someone?) you want, you have the determination and perseverance to achieve your goal.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

One thought on “crossing a river

  1. Just had a random but potentially revelant thought drift in while driving home this evening… The ‘hot chick’ in this dream could represent a future career path, one that is more in tune with your anima (feminine self). Your search for a more ‘secluded’ location could symbolise integrating this feminine aspect by working from home or in a more nuturing field. Does this ring true?

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