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too many names



There was a hotel by the sea and I was a vagabond huddling under a pine tree.  Then I was in the car park of the hotel, due to depart on some kind of rescue mission or road trip with two other women, one I remember was very beautiful with long blonde hair.  Rather than leaving immediately we decided to stay overnight in the hotel.  I was concerned about money but agreed. 


I was on the front balcony of the hotel, overlooking the sea, attending some sort of function (possibly work-related).  We moved to the interior of the hotel to a more downmarket dining area, where the menu was plainer and less expensive. 

The most striking thing about the dream then occurred. I looked at a seating plan for the table, and to my surprise and mortification noticed that, of the twelve or so seats allocated, multiple were for me, in variations of my name – first name only, first and surname, initial and surname, first name and initial of surname etc – even pseudonyms, I think.  I tried to explain this to the waiter; he said it wasn’t a problem as everyone would order and pay separately.  But I said that there would be too many chairs, too long a table. 

Later, handing round the menu, the waiter remarked that most of the people in the restaurant didn’t need to see the menu – I laughed nervously and said that that was understandable as they were all regulars (living in the hotel).



The dream opens with imagery that conjures the idea of freedom, the open road and adventure. Likely, this is how you’d prefer to live but practical concerns, such as earning a living, prevent you from doing so.


The beautiful blonde, the financial considerations and you agreeing to stay despite your concerns are linked by the astrological symbolism associated with Venus.  The hotel, too, is situated by the sea which reinforces the Venusian theme, as Aphrodite (Venus’s Greek predecessor) arose from the sea.


The dining room (food=Taurus=Venus) is a place still governed by social conventions. In a restaurant, certain traditions and manners apply; although, as your dream makes clear, not everything is equal on the social hierarchy. The determining factor that dictates the quality of the food and the standard of behaviour is financial.


The variations of your name on the seating plan reflect your ability to move between these differing socio-economic environments. Your Venusian skills allow you to use different versions of yourself in different social settings. From vagabond, to ocean view, to downmarket dining area – all these personae are available to you.


Though mortified that the faux pas has occurred with the seating plan, you do the socially appropriate thing and speak to the waiter. The waiter isn’t concerned but you don’t make a scene. Not everyone shares your level of awareness of the socio-economic hierarchy – the regulars don’t question the menu and as long as everyone pays, there isn’t an issue.


Overall, this dream is about money and indicates that you are (reluctantly) aware that it makes the world go around and can successfully negotiate all socio-economic terrain.


Some words of wisdom from my grandfather: I’d like to have enough money to treat it with the contempt it deserves.




Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “too many names

  1. This is good stuff – I was still so stuck in the shock of all my personae coming together at once (I mean, imagine!!) that I was having trouble getting a clear view of what the dream was really saying. I knew it was about money… but that was about it.

    I totally did not realise that there was so much venus in there – even though I was particularly struck by the beautiful blonde and thought the fact that the hotel was on the seafront must have some significance.

    I’m pleased to see that it looks like I can successfully negotiate all socio-economic terrain… even when faux pas are involved… So, ultimately, what I can take from this dream and your reading is the courage to move forward and not stress so about those nasty little $$s. Thank you 🙂

  2. It is easy to become focused on just one or two dream symbols – particularly if there are strong emotions attached to the event. I can only imagine the horror of being forced to choose the ‘right’ persona and then sitting amid a sea of empty chairs. That is the benefit of keeping a dream diary. Once the emotional residue has subsided, you can make a fresh appraisal of the symbols.

    Of course, whether you’re keeping a dream diary of not, I’m always willing to unravel your dreams.

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