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toilet rolls


Yes, toilet rolls. (And yes, I’ll admit that it was my dream.) What could this dream symbol mean?    Hopefully it doesn’t mean my life is about to turn to sh!t.  Maybe, because the rolls were finished and in a little bin, it means I’ve finished taking sh!t. It would be fantastic if it meant that I’ve eliminated all the crap from my life.  Another metaphor that comes to mind supporting this idea is ‘getting to the core’ of the matter.

Your thoughts and associations on this symbol would be gratefully appreciated.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “toilet rolls

  1. I can hardly believe it myself but, after a disturbing (but dull) dream last night, I lay awake for some time considering the significance of your toilet rolls. This is what I came up with:

    Toilet paper really is the ultimate luxury. Three-ply white-as-snow (or patterned!) super-soft tissue! Perfumed! Whole supermarket aisles dedicated to it! Heck, you can even get moist stuff in little plastic boxes now! And all this solely to wipe our bottoms!

    It costs the earth, too – in more ways than one. Toilet paper illustrates perfectly our modern-day disconnection from the natural world and rampant commercialism. We dedicate swathes of our earth to growing the wood for it, we cut down trees and pulp them, we bleach and sanitise the heck out of the pulp and spew the waste into our waterways. All to wipe our bottoms.

    It brings to mind the words of the immortal Regurgitator song:

    Every day I sh!t into the sea
    It’s strange but it doesn’t mean much to me
    I’m living in a porcelain dream
    Where things aint quite what they seem.

    My point…? Well. Your rolls are empty. Maybe you’ll be getting your hands dirty?

  2. Thanks for your insight Ocypete.

    In the dream I was horrified looking at all those empty rolls in the basket, thinking ‘OMG, how much toilet paper have I used?!?’, so I concur with the connection you’ve made to luxury > indulgence > wasteful > waste.

    As a symbol it does seem to have something to do with stripping things down to the core, going back to the very basics.

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