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emotional baggage

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I am staying in a small hotel apartment with a group of women – we are connected professionally. My sister and a friend were part of the group. There was a man there. He was older, with tidy grey hair and claimed to be there to improve services due to negative experiences he’d had with people connected to our training organisation.


Everyone was in good humour but I was wondering what the man’s agenda was. He said he had also heard that we were good at arranging marriages. This raised my eyebrows and the women made meaningful eye contact with each other.


As this conversation occurred, my sister and friend were shuffling baggage in the cupboard. Someone wanted the toiletry/cosmetic bags put in the bathroom. There wasn’t room so the bags were positioned in the cupboard to easily access what was needed.



This dream focuses on the face you put to the world. Lately you have felt critical of your interpersonal skills. The older man is a kindly father-figure that has come to help you improve the impression you make on people. But given your success at arranging marriages, the impression you make isn’t that bad to begin with. It just needs some tweaking and this will come with experience.


Although everyone is happy, you are suspicious of the man’s true motives. This indicates that you lack trust in men. You seek reassurance that you are right not to trust men from your peer group.


This lack of trust is your emotional baggage. It needs to be stuffed away in a cupboard or bathroom because it shouldn’t be seen in public. However, this same baggage needs to be easily accessible because its contents (the cosmetics) are required daily to put on the face you use to greet the world.


It is now time to go through your bags and check what you’ve packed. I suspect a lot of it can be thrown out and that you’ll travel much lighter in the future. Maybe you’ll even get married?


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

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