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I have recently been accepted as a new member of a women’s circle.

We were all in rooms of an old Queenslander house. One of the circle leaders had given me the job of helping with birthing. I was very excited and floating around the room. The leader called me into the next room and we witnessed the birth of a baby! I looked at the baby for a short time and then cleared its throat. 

I’ve now been paired with that circle leader as my mentor/buddy. Cool.


Babies are primarily a symbol of newness, creativity and promise. Clearing the baby’s throat brings to mind breathing new life, a breath of fresh air, a new voice. By joining this group, you have given yourself the opportunity to express something that has been developing inside of you for some time (just like a baby growing in the womb).

The house being a Queenslander ties in with clearing the baby’s throat; this style of house was designed to catch the breeze. In keeping with the airy theme (you are literally floating), you will be exposed to many new ideas. Although shared with the other members of the group, the indoor setting indicates that the dream is about your inner journey.

As dreamers, we are the characters that appear in our dreams. Each character represents a different aspect of the self. As a new member, you are like the baby of the group, welcomed with open arms and eager to learn. You also appear in the dream as yourself, excited to be embarking on this new adventure with like-minded people. And within yourself there is also a wise and experienced teacher directing your actions.

This is definitely an auspicious dream. It indicates good fortune for you and for the group. Either that or you’ll soon be pregnant. (Joking!)


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “birthing

  1. Pregnant nooooo!!!! I’ve just had the last of the kids leave home. Seriously, your dream interpretation is very inspiring – thank you. You reminded me that people in the dreams are aspects of our selves on that journey. I enjoyed reading the other dreams as well. Analysing our dreams is an interesting journey into the mind. 🙂

  2. Hi C, thanks for comments.

    Dreams can be about other people (usually when they are set outdoors) but even then, they stay true to otheir core purpose of revealing the true nature of our self and encouraging us on our journey towards individuation.

    Bright blessings and delightful dreams,

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