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resurrected rats

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Rat with Jaws of Gold by Nikolai Konstantin Kalmakoff

Rat with Jaws of Gold by Nikolai Konstantin Kalmakoff


I dreamt that I was at an old house with a few school friends and the place was overrun by rats. We started trying to hit these rats with our shoes. The rats jumped at us and bit our arms. Eventually, we managed to kill all of the rats and laid their bodies in a row on the back lawn. One by one, the rats awoke from the dead and ran towards the neighbour’s fence and disappeared.


We were chatting and heard this almighty war cry/chant. Hundreds of rat/cavemen were running at us from the neighbour’s house. We were very frightened and ran through the neighbourhood trying to find a place to hide from them. I noticed a huge snake coiled around a house as I ran past. I ended up breaking into a house and hiding in the roof cavity. I then woke up.



Your dream companions indicate that issues from your youth are re-emerging. It is likely that these emerging issues are related to your position in your peer group. Initially you work together to kill the rats but by the end of the dream your focus has shifted from ‘we’ to ‘I’ and you save yourself.


Being part of the ‘rat race’ springs to mind; as does a concern for what the neighbours think. Your dream community seems controlled and well-ordered (initial co-operation killing the rats and laying them in a row); however, this sense of security does not last for long.


The rats themselves are not necessarily bad, although in this dream they do pose a threat to you and your friends. Putting aside the Black Death and their status as vermin, rats are very fertile and resourceful creatures. The presence of the rat/cavemen may indicate issues of around reproduction, family/community and finances.


As noted in the previous post, the snake is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. As a house represents the mind of the dreamer; the roof cavity can be thought of as the under-utilised higher mind.


Do you ‘smell a rat’ or detect a ‘snake in the grass’ in your waking life? Trust your intuition.



Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

One thought on “resurrected rats

  1. What a great interpretation! I have was at boarding school 12 years ago and had great and very close female friendship groups. I have only just recently began to create great female relationships again after 10 years of having mostly male friends. It has been a huge step for me and very rewarding.

    I have also taken steps to enhance my knowledge both in an academic and spiritual sense, so I also recognise the significance of the snake around the house.

    Thank you for giving me so much to think about. x

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