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vivid dreams


Night with her Train of Stars and her Great Gift of Sleep by Edward Robert Hughes

Night with her Train of Stars and her Great Gift of Sleep by Edward Robert Hughes

Last night, I had some amazingly vivid dreams that I was able to recall in detail. Flatmate’s hanging heavy curtains; brooding in an atmospheric bar; outdoor auctions of yellow clothing and LPs (you know, old vinyl records like your parents had) held in an urban amphitheatre/construction-site; parking giant utes; a giant bed and giant mirror in a giant bedroom; two attractive men – in the one dream. Such rich dream imagery. What’s not to love?

Something that no doubt contributed to setting the dream scene was starting to read the chapter, ‘Practical Dreamwork’ in Anthony Steven’s book, Private Myths. He tells of the importance of stating your intention to dream during the night and remember it in the morning, and also how important it is to record your dream memory as soon as you wake up. It’s best done before you are fully awake so keep pen and paper or a recorder by the bed.

I’m wondering though if Mercury’s approaching conjunction to Neptune in Aquarius this week is also lending a hand to help dream messages be communicated. For me, this aspect is occurring in my 12th house of the subconscious and I have a strong Neptune-Mercury signature in my natal chart.

Is anyone else having fabulous dreams now?


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

4 thoughts on “vivid dreams

  1. That is really really awesome Aello… even just reading this post got the images forming in my mind. The big mirror, big bed, big bedroom one in particular I just adore! It sounds so lush and inviting, abundant even – now, this is the kind of dreaming you could use to inspire creativity of all kinds – I’m thinking art, writing, even dance… (yes, have been watching So You Think You Can Dance Australia 😉

    From my end, no fabulous dreams – an awful one last week which coincided with Neptune and the Moon conjunct my natal moon, but nothing as lovely as yours.

    I am, however, charged up to do the setting-clear-intentions thing! We’ll see what happens…

  2. Hi Ocypete. Yes it *is* awesome. It’s like I’m having a rest, lying in wait to conceive a new creation. Funny you should mention dance too because although I haven’t been watching any glitzy TV, the urge to shake and shimmy is rising within. It’s as if I have a deep need to get back into my body after the shoulder saga had me trying to escape it.

    Hmmm, the dreaded nightmare. I hope something good came of it. Seems that Neptune is the dream planet. One day I’d like to do some astrological research on Neptune and dreaming.

    I tried setting my intentions again last night but awoke with nothing. So hard to sleep soundly amidst hot and heavy air. Looking forward to the clearing storm.

    Happy dreams gorgeous!

  3. Hi! Those vivid dreams for me always seem to be highly stylized glimpses of the future–could you have two attractive men and some giant furniture coming your way?

  4. Thanks for your comment Julie. Dreams can be a symbolic window to the future and given the ‘no money, no men’ Venus Rx I’m experiencing that thought will help me throuh until the end of April. They were very attractive blokes – one was a broody sensitive, musical type and the other a toned, blue collar worker. Delightful. 🙂

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