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owl in a tree

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Owls at Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue

Owls at Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue


In my dream, I was trying on wedding dresses and for some reason I went out into a courtyard or the street. There was a tree without leaves and it was quite dark brown, maybe burnt, in the middle of the road. When I looked at it there was a really big and really beautiful owl sitting in a cavity in the middle of the branches. I had initially thought the owl was part of the tree.
I realised it was an owl when I saw its really yellow eyes and it stretched out these really big wings and turned its head.  I think there may have been a bird handler or a man standing near the tree.




To be ‘middle of the road’ implies that you are neither ‘here nor there’ – ‘sitting on the fence’ so to speak. Are you making an important life decision at this time? Are you actually about to be married? Or embarking on a new path? If so, I think that part of you recognises that this is not the most appropriate path for you at this time. At least, if taken, this path is a roundabout way of getting to where you already know you should be going. You may be placing the needs of others, before your own.


Trees ‘should’ be leafy and green and supporting life, but your tree is dead or, at least, dormant. It is as if whatever you are about to do will be a learning experience but not necessarily a pleasant one. Whatever decision you come, however you come to it (either the hard way or the ‘easy’ way) will bear fruit. Although appearing as winter in your dream, the world tree is a seasonal.


Let your inner wisdom guide you. The tree of life integrates the three realms – heaven, earth and underworld. Like the world tree, the owl is also a symbol of wisdom, moving with stealth in the dark. Acknowledge the free, independent aspect of yourself to get in touch with your inner wisdom. Let your inner ‘bird handler’ ground your ‘flighty’ ideals and earth the big, beautiful, untamed, innate knowing that is within.




Researching Lilith may help….



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