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many endings


Wounded Amazon by Franz von Stuck

Wounded Amazon by Franz von Stuck




I went to an unfamiliar McDonalds with my 7-year-old daughter and a platonic male friend. While we were eating, a tall, good-looking male colleague came over and flirted with me.

We left McDonalds, and both men drove away. My daughter and I walked the unfamiliar streets near McDonalds unable to find our car. I realised my friend had driven away in my car so we walked back towards McDonalds.


Outside McDonalds was a group of feral people and following us were another three of these ferals – a male, an older female and an Islander female who was in her early twenties, tall and plump. They were gloating how they had new weapons.  The Islander woman had a 4ft long silver ‘javelin’ of polished silvery metal narrowed to a point.


She carried the weapon so that the tip was very close to my daughter’s back. She wanted me to react so that she could attack me and my daughter. The others were watching for my reaction and to see how far she would go. I urged my daughter to walk faster by pulling her along by the hand, but she was oblivious to the threat and resisted my efforts to get her to safety. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it as I knew the ferals wanted me to react and be afraid. There was a pack mentality vibe from the people as the Islander woman continued to tease us and jab the weapon at my daughter. I was very afraid that we would be hurt.


I was stuck in the dream and kept visualising different endings:

  • I confronted the girl and she became more provocative.
  • My male friend came back and the threat disappeared.
  • We made it safely inside McDonalds.

I finally awoke with a sense of terror.



Were you aware that you were dreaming? If so, congratulations, you’ve had a lucid dream! Despite it being a nightmare, you have done something really cool and exciting.


The purpose of dreamwork is to gain an understanding of the messages from our subconscious. Lucid dreaming does away with the interruption of the conscious mind (ie waking up and having to recall, record and interpret your dream). Your conscious mind knows you are dreaming so you can try things out safely in the dreamspace. Working out different responses would take much longer in your waking life. By lucid dreaming you ‘get’ the message directly.


I don’t think this dream is about any danger your daughter may face. The dream is using your instinct to protect your daughter and the associated emotions to draw your attention to a particular life issue.


In this dream you have lost your Martian energy. Mars is associated with masculinity, drive and aggression. The two men leave you and your daughter. You literally lose your drive and direction when your car is taken and you wander the unfamiliar streets. The ferals behave aggressively and their leader carries a phallic, penetrating weapon. It doesn’t matter that she is female; woman have Martian energy too.


How do you react to threats in your waking life? What about when you were in your early twenties? Would your usual response be confrontation?


Your dreaming self is showing you that there are alternate ways of dealing with threats. You know what happens if you confront the woman with the javelin. You know what happens when you rely on your (male) friends for support. And, strangely, you also know that nothing bad can happen in McDonalds.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “many endings

  1. I thought about this dream again and again, cos of the unusualness of me having nightmares.
    The second part of the dream was definately lucid – I was very aware of being “sucked” back into the dream to achieve some kind of resolution.
    It is quite funny how I considered maccas to be a place of safety!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your dream Sophia. Let’s hope your next lucid dreaming adventure is less frightening.

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