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passports and bread




The major theme of my dream was travelling and losing my passport. As a dual national, I have two passports and was flicking through them. ‘Officials’ were harassing me to prove my identity but I didn’t want to show or surrender my English passport because people were stealing and swapping passports. 


We were travelling over weird terrain in a massive bus/train, stopping at little villages. The dirt roads were really dangerous and surrounded by jungle.  We were trying to work out what food rations we could afford to sustain us. I remember buying bread and choosing the biggest loaf possible.


It was Indonesian money because I remember the seller saying ‘lima’ (five) and seeing a five dollar note in my sister’s hand to pay the lady with. There was a male stranger with us (who was like a close friend in the dream) but he didn’t come to get bread with us. 


Other than that it’s a blur.  We might have been in trouble.  I remember a stranger pretending to be a close friend of mine. I worked out that he had stolen my friend’s passport when I heard the official call him by my friend’s name.




There is tension in this dream between the bread and the number five. In numerology, five is a dynamic energy embodying zest for life and a love of freedom and adventure. This symbolism ties in with your journey to Indonesia, an exciting destination with diverse culture and geography.


Bread is a staple food in many parts of the world. The words you use to describe the purchase show just how different this symbol is from the number five: ration, afford, sustain. All important considerations but not likely to get the blood flowing.


This dichotomy is the strange territory that you are negotiating within yourself. You seek adventure but at the same time crave security. The transaction for the $5 bread indicates that an exchange must take place. You have to give something up. Fortunately, you strike a great deal and score the biggest loaf of bread available.


The themes raised by the passports, shady officials and identity theft indicate that you are asking (at least subconsciously) fundamental questions about who you are. What aspects of you are essential? Are you who you claim to be? When everything and everyone is stripped away, who are you?


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “passports and bread

  1. I’m always negotiating within myself! So this is no surprise to me. I have however been weighing up my options in many aspects of life and the benefits of such changes. So fingers crossed for striking it lucky with these decisions:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your dream Clare and best of luck with your inner negotiations. Remember to trust yourself.

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