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mystery fiance


Sponsa de Libano by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Sponsa de Libano by Sir Edward Burne-Jones



I was hanging out at a church-like service with my future husband’s Lebanese family. I was trying to find him so I would know what my husband looked like. Bizarre! It was a couple of days before our wedding and I spotted his brother and wondered if they looked similar. The dream ended without me seeing my husband-to-be.




You are marrying a mystery man from an exotic land – a man so mysterious that you haven’t even seen him. You positively channel your natural curiosity to discover your fiancé’s identity by bonding with his family and considering his brother’s appearance.


Your dream is specific about your mystery man’s nationality so I feel this is a significant symbol. Perhaps, like Lebanon as a nation, you have resolved an inner conflict. You are on the threshold of discovering your animus (inner masculine personality) and marrying different but complementary aspects of your psyche.


Although the dream ends without revealing your fiancé’s identity, the dream indicates that you making progress along the exciting path of self-discovery.


Stay true to yourself, remembering the words of celebrated Lebanese poet, Kahlil Gibran:

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “mystery fiance

  1. Wow, that is really interesting interpretation and probably very true. I love the quote!

  2. Thanks for the sharing your dream. I’m glad you liked the Gibran quote.

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