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Mercury Rx


Mercury has just turned retrograde at 1 Gemini and is heading back into Taurus. 

In keeping with the ‘re-‘ theme of the retrograde period in the last week I have re-discovered three items I’d given up as lost – a piece of jet, my much-loved umbrella and my much-used ipod cord. The weird thing is, apart from the jet which I found in my sleeping bag, the other items were in obvious locations. Really obvious locations. The cord was in my office drawer that I dip into several times a day and the umbrella was very sensibly placed on the parcel shelf of my car. It was like they’d become invisible to me…

My natal Mercury is retrograde so that may explain the positive manifestation of this energy. Or maybe I should be thanking the Scorpio full moon for revealing mysteries? Has anyone else noticed any oddness?


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

3 thoughts on “Mercury Rx

  1. Found (and almost immediately lost again) my blue lace agate. And short journeys are a problem while I’m still searching for my car keys. It’s looking better on the cutting-tiny-things front though: found not one but two missing pairs of nail scissors!

  2. Oh how I love my blue lace agate! It’s been keeping me calm and communicative at work for weeks now. I hope you find it again soon.

    Scissors: Do you think that like swords, they’d be associated with Air? And even specifically Gemini because there are two blades working together?

  3. I think that is an amazing take on the scissors. Yes, and yes! And doubling up on the duality, with the two rediscovered pairs…

    I found my car keys and my blue lace agate! A successful Merc Rx all round.

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