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bear and cat


cat and bearDREAM

My boyfriend and I had a big black bear and a tabby cat as pets. The bear and the cat were friends. The bear made me nervous. It was a good bear but it was still a bear.

The bear and the cat represent two aspects of yourself that fit together well; however, as indicated by your nervousness in the dream you are not quite ready to accept this integration.

Bears hibernate, retreating into the womb of the Earth each winter, a cycle that reminds us of receptive feminine energy. After this annual retreat, the bear emerges in spring, physically depleted but psychically nourished by the prolonged period of rest.

The cat is independent; aloof but affectionate, detached but sensual. She is a creature of the night, able to see the unseen and represents your magickal, intuitive self.

Duality pervades the dream: you and your boyfriend, the tabby’s stripes, the two animals. The dream is an invitation to integrate your earthiness with your intuition. Trust the bear; trust yourself.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “bear and cat

  1. Hi aello!

    Sorry I’m a bit late getting here to let you know about your Lemmy. As far as I’m concerned, further participation for you is entirely optional, and the logo should be a simple right click, save as, directly from any page that has it.

    Just wanted to send as many readers your way as possible; the depth of and knowledge behind your analyses are worth the trip!

  2. Thanks Julie. I really appreciate the support and encouragement you offer me.

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