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crushed teeth

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fake teeth with eyes
Teeth are a very common dream symbol. Here’s another example of a teeth dream:

I woke up several times but this horrible dream but it continued when I went back to sleep.  No matter whom I was with or what I was doing, I was constantly spitting out my crushed teeth.  There is no way I had enough teeth to make all the crushed shell-like mess that kept coming out.  I was freaking out but no one else around seemed to worry.  I was with my brother in his car, with my sister-in-law in her car, and then with my family. They all told me not to worry about it until they saw how much crushed teeth mess I was spitting in the bin. 


Teeth are symbolic of the face you present to the world. They help us chew to receive nourishment – literally food, symbolically emotions. Teeth are also the main feature of your smile so can allude to ‘putting on a happy face’.

The endless supply of teeth indicates you have deep reserves and ability to please other people. However, as you freak out about the crushed teeth in the dream, it is likely in your waking life that you are beginning to realise that always giving to others isn’t normal or healthy. Everyone else is OK with the crushed teeth situation because they benefit from it – especially your family members – but once they know how serious the situation is and how it’s making you feel, they understand.

My advice is to stop doing so much for your family. You’ll feel better and they won’t mind at all.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

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