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puffer fish


I found myself with an adorable puffer kind of fish in my hands that was very friendly.  It puffed up and when it returned to its normal state it wanted to be put in a very big indoor swimming pool.  I found it strange that the fish could live in a pool and hesitated to put it in, but the fish was happy and it was the only thing in the big pool. 

I sat on the side and it stayed near me, about a foot away from the wall, the whole time.  Sometimes it would submerge vertically, but most of the time it would stay near the surface. 

The puffer started opening its mouth for food and I fed it straight into its mouth, which I thought was very weird but also thought that the fish was smart and we had a good connection. 

 After a while feeding, the fish wanted to get out of the pool so I lifted it out and when I placed it on the side of the pool I noticed it was wearing a life jacket, which I also thought was weird.  Then the fish became a very mini-human and the dream ended.

The puffer fish has positive associations for dreamer, and the close connection between fish and human in the dream indicates the puffer fish is likely a totem animal for the dreamer. Check out http://www.animalspirits.com/index68.html for more.

In addition to the associations of deception and danger, the puffer fish combines the elements of air and water. Air is intellectual and social, while water is emotions and relationships. When combined, these elements speak of friendship and community.

At the start of the dream the fish is friendly but puffed up – the opposite of its natural instinct to puff when threatened. The fish isn’t communicating honestly. As all dream characters represent an aspect of the self, it is worth thinking about how you communicate in social situations. Are you considered aloof or sociable? Do your words align with your feelings?

The indoor swimming pool is an unnatural environment but the emotional waters are safe and controlled. There is the sense of a ‘little fish in a big pond’ as the fish stays near to you at the side of the pool. The fish doesn’t dive deep or plunge the emotional depths.

Have you joined a new social group? Perhaps with people who are casual and relaxed rather than intense and involved?

The time the fish spends in the swimming pool is short and recuperative and provides the nourishment necessary for the amazing transformation. The fish, out of water, becomes a mini-human, symbolic of evolving emotional intelligence.

Thanks to the puffer fish, you are blessed with a powerful instinct of protection and preservation. The protective buffer of air (life jacket) symbolises using your intellect and social skills to assimilate emotional experiences. The caution is to avoid becoming insensitive and distant.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

5 thoughts on “puffer fish

  1. I was chuffed to receive this feedback from our puffer fish dreamer:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blessings and this dream interpretation. I love how you connected my dream to social situations, and I especially love the connection make between the puffer fish and air/water. I am a Gemini Sun, Cancer Rising with Scorpio Moon, so the air/water combo really rings true to me!

  2. i love this site for my kids

  3. Thanks Chloe. It’s great to hear that your kids enjoy the blog as well. Young and old, we all dream. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Sorry, pic is a porcupine fish not a pufferfish. Check wikipedia.

  5. Thanks for your comment Bluefin tuna; but porcupine or puffer, he’s cute in the spikiest of ways.

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