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crab pots


giant crabDREAM
I am in a small boat with my husband crossing a river that runs out to the sea.  I feel I’ve been here before.  I can’t see the river bank behind us. We aren’t necessarily trying to reach the river bank on the other side; we are simply trying to get somewhere.   

The problem is that we have no way to go forward due to the way that crab pots have been set in the river.  The crab pots are represented by orange buoys floating on the surface with rope tied between them so our boat can’t motor through.  (I don’t know a lot about setting a crab pot except I would not have expected them to be where they were and there were far too many in one small space.)

The water was calm.  My husband and I do not talk during the dream.  I just had awareness that he was there and we were going somewhere together.  I feel puzzled and frustrated in my dream trying to figure out why the pots have been set in this way.  I also know that I’m not ready to go back to the river bank behind me as we’ve only just left it.

The buoys floating on the calm river indicate that there are unaddressed emotional problems beneath the surface. The crab pots in the water are emotional traps. Like crabs, you and your husband are adept at sidestepping issues. Neither of you communicate about the problems represented by the buoys; even though they are obvious and relatively small, they are so numerous they are preventing you from making progress as a couple. It’s likely that the issues are Cancerian, relating to protecting the home and family. 

The good thing is that you are still ‘going somewhere together’ and you are determined to forge ahead. Have a chat to your husband; decide where you are heading; work together to lift the crab pots out of the way and there will be no stopping you.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “crab pots

  1. hey i llike the fact u put ur dream on the internet i thought of doing tht too well thts if its a real dream or a story

  2. Hi Ritchie

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to post a comment.

    Dreams are stories of the subconscious mind. All the dreams here have been contributed by friends and readers with the odd one of my own thrown in.

    Happy dreaming

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