I do not dream: I am dreamt. (Carl Gustav Jung)

spiders in the shower



Spider Web with Dew Drops (Fir0002/Flagstaffotos)DREAM

My partner and I were cleaning the house. I was shocked to find that the shower had many spiders nesting in it. They were all different colours and shapes and were sitting (not moving) over the walls of the shower – some had strange eggs with them. They were all BIG. I was vacuuming them up one by one and feeling very disgusted. I also had a can of insect spray. My partner took over and I was relieved that he was doing it.

All the spiders were gone and I was now alone. I checked the top of the shower (it had a roof) and there were some dead spiders and an ENORMOUS spider which slowly unfolded itself and started to move down into the shower.

I ran down the hallway and at the other end there was another spider. This one was undulating like an octopus and moving in my direction. There was a room I could go into and shut the door but I realised if I did that I would have no way of knowing if the spider had moved on or not. I ran into the room and as I did so I saw a small spider run under the bed.

I turned to shut the door and the big octopus spider was starting to come in. I sprayed it with the insect spray and felt guilty (as I always do when I spray insects) but also afraid it would not kill it. Its ‘head’ part separated from its octopus legs and started hopping towards me. I thought I could jump over the head and escape but the legs were still in my path. I woke up in panic.

In retrospect I realise that none of the spiders actually jumped at me, bit me or threatened me directly. But I was very freaked out.

Wow, that’s a lot of spiders for one dream; no wonder you were freaked out. Spiders are cool animals though. Spiders (and octopuses) have eight legs which make me think of the witches sabbats. And they are the weavers of the web of fate – very creative little creatures. You are reluctantly confronting the feminine creative force.

All the action occurs inside the house so this dream is about thoughts and attitudes within you. Each big spider is a big creative idea that has been ‘cleaned out’ of the rest of the house and found refuge in the bathroom. The bathroom is a private space where we do the things we’d rather other people didn’t see. In the shower we wash ourselves clean and start afresh.

You’ve judged these ideas to be dirty, unworthy of public viewing. However, it doesn’t matter what you do – vacuum them up, shut yourself in a room, wield insecticide – the ideas are everywhere and will reproduce (by eggs or division).

Your dream indicates that the powerful ideas you are harbouring in the dark corners of your mind are demanding attention. It might freak you out to go there but it will prove very rewarding.

Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “spiders in the shower

  1. Wow Aello!

    Thank you so much. This felt like a very powerful interpretation and is something I’ll be thinking over for a while.

  2. Some belated interpretive thoughts have crept in about the significance of the number eight as the image is repeated with the spider and the octopus. To me, eight is about structure and discipline but a quick google reveals it is also associated with money and possessions. Maybe a structured approach to these ideas is needed eg filing them or working with them for a set amount of time. And maybe after a lot of hard work taming these spiders, you’ll make a squizzillion dollars? That’d be cool.

    Glad to have provided some food for thought. I had fun interpreting your dream. Thanks for sharing it.

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