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showering in public


showerOh, it is so good to be back online again after The Worst Move Ever.

The context and background situation are not always the same but I frequently dream of having to shower in public. Sometimes, it is in a shower room in a public facility – like a gym or a swimming pool, but the shower rooms sometimes have no doors. At other times, in the open; on a train carriage, for example!  I feel no shame at stripping in public (for some reason in these dreams I just
have to take a shower, even if the context seems inappropriate), only the frustration that the shower often doesn’t work, or I am interrupted. In other words, I never get to finish the shower and emerge clean. The frustration is never resolved and the dream usually ends there, or it changes into something else.

This dream sometimes (but not always) recurs together with another recurring dream situation, which is where I am trying very hard to get somewhere – an appointment, a concert, a deadline and so on – and I never manage to. There is always an obstacle to my progress. The vehicle I am travelling in is either slow, breaks down or turns into something else. One time, I was in an elevator that turned into a bus and drove me through the town! Like the shower dream, I never get to the end of the detour or the journey, and I wake up with the vague sense of unfulfilment and exhaustion. 

The nakedness in this dream seems to represent not just a desire to reveal your true self, but to reach an ‘essential’ state of purity. This is an important personal quest – it doesn’t matter what others think of your nakedness or the circumstances that you are in. You ‘just have to take a shower’.

The transportation symbols are another way of showing how you are travelling towards this goal or destination. Although the dream goal itself changes, I feel you are already know what you seek. You are part way there, making progress, but frustrated by obstacles. Though you try many different methods (eg shower venues, modes of transport), full expression of your life direction is not yet being fulfilled.

There is a sense of urgency in your dreams that doesn’t necessarily apply to real life. Chill out. You instinctively know the ‘what’ of your life. The ‘how’ will unfold naturally if you give it a chance. Enjoy the journey.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

6 thoughts on “showering in public

  1. Hi, thanks! I have been away and only just had a chance to check my emails. I really appreciate the positive reading, that I’m trying to reach an essential state of purity, rather than that I just can’t seem to finish a task… Thank you. I’m hoping awareness is half the battle won…

  2. Hi hitchhiker

    As always, I am so thankful to brave dreamers like yourself who share their wandering with me and inquisitive blog readers.

    As with most dreams, the best interpretation will be your own; but, give yourself the credit you are due. You have recognised and acknowledged a personal challenge. That *is* half the battle won.

    Flip your thoughts around though. Rather than saying ‘I can’t finish anything’, say ‘I’m developing discipline and perseverance’. Soon you’ll be dreaming of fixing the plumbing and steaming up that train carriage.

    Bright blessings

  3. Reading the train carriage was unbelievable to me. I was just telling my daughter about my dream. I left our hotel room for a train carriage, started showering, only to realize I was in full view of the public. I dropped to my knees and stopped the shower. Thank you for giving me some insight!

  4. Wow. I have been having recurrent dreams about public shower situations that do not resolve, as well as dreams of trying to get somewhere but being unable to go because I can’t find what I need to pack or things keep disrupting my efforts. I’m 47 yo, just got my degree and am unable to pursue further education or employment due to a family situation. Thank you. I feel more clear on this now.

  5. Hi Gina – I’m so glad this post helped you find some clarity. My new website is currently under construction, but if you’re interested in keeping up with my work, you can subscribe to my monthly update: http://eepurl.com/b-zNQD x Kim

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