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Muddy water

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Two beautiful white elephants fly beside me. They are dressed in royal costumes carrying royal people. As I was trying to get out of their way, I saw another pair of elephants. These ones were green and also dressed as royalty. They are escaping something or someone and all heading in one direction. I went in the same direction.
The street ended. We all jumped into muddy water. Everyone around me used whatever they could to stay afloat. At one point, a tub was full of muddy water but we were able to dump all the water out. I was swimming on the outside of the tub until all the water could be dumped out. I was then able to get into the tub and be safe.


Image: Elliot Little

The elephants, royalty, and green colour together speak to me of good luck and prosperity. What do they mean to you? Diving deeper into your personal associations for each of these dream symbols will provide important clues as to what you are trying to escape. Perhaps life has become too comfortable, too boring for you? Are you seeking to engage with life in a more visceral way? Getting into the muddy water of raw human emotions and testing your survival skills? As shown by your deft use of the tub, you are adequately equipped for the adventure.
PS Do you listen to blues music? Muddy Waters could help.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

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