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A little bingle

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DREAM: I dreamed that I had a minor car bingle. A lovely guy helped me sort it, as the person who hit my vehicle was very aggressive. Then my rescuer asked: ‘Would you like a bit?’  [A bit of sex.] I thought: ‘No, we have just met’. Then, in my dream, I realised it was a dream, so we went for it.

Reutlinger ca. 1920

Reutlinger c.1920

EXPLORE: The mode of transport that you use in the dream is usually indicative of your life direction. Cars are personal vehicles (as opposed to public transport) and, as long as there’s a road, you can go pretty much wherever you like. The accident could be thought of as one of the unexpected events that happen to us all on life’s journey. Do you sometimes feel that life’s inconvenient occurrences are personally threatening? I’m getting a sense of disempowerment connected to your femininity from this part of the dream. But then ~ plot twist! ~ you become lucid in the dream and make a conscious decision to meld with the ‘rescuer’ and accept his capable, assertive (and importantly, not aggressive) qualities. This dream seems to indicate a readiness to ditch the ‘damsel in distress’ act and take life’s little challenges in your stride. Go you!


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