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In a hotel lift, naked


DREAM: I was leaving a hotel, travelling down in a lift to go out on the town. I was in a crowd and a guy looked at me weirdly and said, ‘Where’s your costume?” I looked down and realized I was naked!

Lifts - Gaslamp Plaza Suites Hotel, San Diego

Gaslamp Plaza Suites Hotel, San Diego

EXPLORATION: Hotels are transitory spaces where the rules are relaxed. Whether you’re the corporate type or part of a family group, the way you live is different when you’re not at home. From those lofty upper floors of spiritual pursuits and high ideals, you descend for a night out with the muggles. And it’s been noticed. Oops, you forgot your costume, silly. That’s no way to blend into the crowd. The persona is the costume we all wear as we engage with different people in the different situations we meet throughout our life. The trick is to choose our costume/persona consciously and to not over-identify with it, lest we become lost in the profusion of fabric and there is no self left within. Not that that is a problem with you. You are naked. The dream is a gentle reminder that being naked (i.e. without a protective persona) leaves you exposed to the judgement of the not-so-spiritually-enlightened masses – and that’s not always safe. Don’t be too relaxed. Make sure that the environments in which you choose to reveal your heart and expose your vulnerabilities are supportive of your authenticity. If not, robe up.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “In a hotel lift, naked

  1. Great exploration!

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