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Healing childhood blooms


DREAMER: I am in the town I grew up in but I am there as an adult. I went on a bus with the kids I went to school with. They were all adults too. We were picked up from our school and we drove to the house I grew up in. I felt sad because I had had a difficult childhood. I got out of the bus and my school friends wished me luck. I became a younger version of myself and walked towards my childhood home.

I noticed the house was white and there was a side patio with big white and apricot coloured flowers and my mother was gardening. She greeted me. I went on to the back porch and there was stuff everywhere, boxes and rubbish and I felt sad about how I grew up.

When I was growing up there was stuff everywhere; the house was messy, at times dirty and chaotic. I had a sense of embarrassment as a child for others to see my house. I started crying. I felt a release, like I was letting go of the sadness and the issues of self worth that my childhood had created.

The flowers were not there in real life as a child and they really stood out in the dream.


DREAMORPHEUS: I hear in your retelling of this dream that it was a profound healing experience, an acknowledgement from the subconscious part of your psyche of how far you have come from your childhood story.

I see parallels between the adults in the dream and the flowers. Comparing the life cycle of plants with the life cycle of humans, there is a correspondence. Both are the disseminating phase where DNA (coded messages) is spread far and wide into the environment to become fertilised seed and start a new cycle.

The plant metaphor extends further. We often refer to our family or childhood origins as our roots. Roots reach for whatever source of nourishment the environment has available. Few of us are planted in optimal conditions, but each of us must capitalise on the circumstance of our birth.

And you have bloomed.

The colour white contains all colours, reflecting the full spectrum of your life experience. It is also associated with purity and potential – qualities that are always within you. The colour apricot speaks to me of sweetness, the vibrant orange of the solar plexus muted with feminine pink. Perhaps it could be thought of as Will softened by Love? As the flowers in the dream were not a feature of your actual childhood home, this is something that you have created independently, for and of yourself.

The pleasant front and side of the house contrasts with the chaos out the back. Although not privy to the whole yard, your peers accompany you on this visit and offer their well wishes. Continue to seek and accept the support of your social circle. It is often through the eyes of our friends that our best self is reflected back.

Do you know what kind of flowers they were? I’d encourage you to procure and care for this plant (or a similar variety) in your waking life. To honour, not only the healing that you experienced within the dream, but also as a powerful symbolic guide, representing your unique magnificence as you continue your healing journey.

Tend to the garden of your psyche and you will be rewarded.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “Healing childhood blooms

  1. Amazing, spot on. I have recently moved and am cultivating a different life. It was so healing. I think the flowers were big luscious roses. I have been feeling a big pull to meditate and care for myself now so tending to the garden of my psyche makes perfect sense. I have come a very long way from my childhood so you are right in saying I have cultivated a different way of being since then. Amazing!! Loved it, thank you so much! Xxx

    • That is wonderful to hear, Cassie. It sounds like you’re devoting time to self/soul care and are really in the flow. Abundant blessings! ❤

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