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Saving Lisa Vanderpump


DREAMER: I was in a supermarket. The open top coolers had conveyor belts that were moving waxed cardboard barrels of frozen soup.. They were being sold at a heavily marked down price so poorer people could afford it but that markdown triggered an economic collapse. I watched the people in the supermarket freak out as they ran around buying last minute stuff they think they’ll need. It was like Y2K. And for some reason I was there with Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa and I leave the market and go to her manor house, where all kids from the show were hanging out in swimsuits like they were about to go to the beach or pool. For some reason, the whole house is rigged with horrible traps. One by one, all these people are slaughtered. There was a trap in the kitchen, and, in the sitting room, there was one just like it on the mantle piece: three razor trip wires, separately triggered and in long, medium, and tiny lengths that whip out and slice into flesh and bone. This happened in the kitchen first. Having witnessed it, we see it happen again in the living room, but Lisa, after the second wire is triggered, starts to move towards the body, and I throw my arm out to stop her, because the last wire hasn’t been triggered. I jump on the floor hard to trigger it so it’s out and done. This was stupid of me: the last trigger was different than the kitchen setup and a tiny circular razor saw with a razor wire attached, like a sick version of ball in a cup, is thrown out into the room at an angle, cutting into Lisa’s leg. On the other side of the room, two girls lose their minds entirely and try to run, but they fall, sliding across the wooden floor into a shelf full of what looked like heavy, solid glass bowling balls, all smash down on one girl, obliterating her body. The other is blown with shards of glass. It’s gory, horrific chaos and I have no idea why it was happening.

Lisa and I leave the house, the last two alive, and almost get in her van, but having a crazy worry I stop her again for fear of a car bomb. I mean after what we just witnessed, why not? At this point I wake up.


DREAMORPHEUS: I’m not familiar with Lisa Vanderpump, although a quick Google tells me she is very wealthy and very marketing savvy. It would be worthwhile to do a bit of a brainstorm about what association pop up for you. What do you love about her? Or hate about her? What do you admire about her? Does she remind you of anyone? As all dream characters are symbolic of aspects within your own psyche, expanding on your personal associations will show you what latent qualities are being stimulated by events in your waking life.

One thing I did notice about Lisa is that she is known as a philanthropist – the sort of person that might advocate for marked down barrels of frozen soup for the poor – but she is also a person of privilege, insulated from the effects of an economic crisis. You are doing your utmost to protect Lisa from danger – or, rather, there is a part of yourself (represented by this famous woman) that you seek to protect.

So what is the threat? You have described it as ‘for some reason’, ‘no idea why it was happening’, ‘gory, horrific chaos’. There is something happening in your waking life at this time that makes you feel like you have no control in a hostile situation. It may relate to your plans for the future (successful Lisa), your family (matriarch Lisa), or home (manor Lisa). In an even broader sense, it relates to your experience of feeling safe and supported, or lack thereof.

Perhaps it’s time to sacrifice the part/s of yourself that ‘lose their minds entirely and try to run’ from the inexplicable challenges that life throws at you? After all, you’ve done your best to save them. It’s interesting that the two girls die from deadly encounters with glass. Glass is usually considered to be fragile, but in your dream, it is deadly. Again, your personal associations around glass will be revealing, and I believe, guide you to forward.

Vehicles often relate to life direction. The Lisa Vanderpump you is keen to move on and the van seems ready go – but you are holding her (yourself) back because of past events. What would life be like if you assumed that it was safe to get in the van? Where would you go?


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

2 thoughts on “Saving Lisa Vanderpump

  1. I am the dreamer in this post. At first my thoughts of this dream were apocalyptic, a literal interpretation. (Which I don’t think should be discounted entirely.) But Dreamorpheus has pulled some fantastic meaning out of this dream, that makes perfect sense. For the sake of readers and dream interpreters, I’ll answer Dreamorpheus’s questions.

    Association Brainstorms: I know of Lisa Vanderpump through her show ‘Vanderpump Rules’, which I watched with a friend of mine but didn’t continue with. I don’t think much about Lisa really so her appearance in my dream was kind of surprising, but what I think of her has to do with opulence and drive and ambition, business acumen, and maturity. Perhaps she is a rep of my future self? or hopeful future self? And I’m protecting her as I am NOW.

    What’s the threat? Dreamorpheus suggests that something’s happening in my waking life that makes me feel like I have no control. This is correct. I live with my grandparents at this time to save money, which is slim. But I feel like they don’t respect me or like me for who I am. (truth is they kind of don’t, but it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it.) As for my future, my LIFE, I want to get to it. I feel stuck and trapped in my hometown that I escaped briefly to go to college only to end back at because money. And in a sense of irony, I want to feel safe and supported, but I also want some freedom.

    In my life I have been good at using my stubborn nature to help me face things that are hard. Dreamorpheus suggests that I should let go of the parts of myself that loose their minds and run. But I rather feel that I don’t blame them for wanting to run. How much do they have to deal with that they can’t control or overcome? In my waking life I feel frustrated and sick of trying to deal with things that never improve due to my efforts.

    As for those girls dying from glass, which is fragile….. my associations with glass… well, I like glass, colored glass especially. But I tend to be clumsy and I happen to REALLY HATE the sound of breaking glass. In fact when I was young it would lead to me crying. I don’t think it was because I really got in big trouble for breaking things as a kid, but mom didn’t like breaking glass either… it just hits me hard that I can’t fix it once it’s broken and that breaking it was an accident. Thing about glass is, being fragile doesn’t mean it’s not deadly.

    I happen to have a red van. Lisa’s was black. I don’t feel very strongly about the color associations, but as far as movement and travel associations, this also makes good sense. If Lisa is future me, and Now me is holding her back, then I seem to be literally holding myself back from my own future for fear of it all blowing up in my face.

    I feel there’s good mundane reasons for this in waking life, seeing as most people need money and debt is no laughing matter. But Dreamorpheus’s interpretation made very good sense to me and I highly recommend her to anyone seeing Astrology or Dreamwork services. She’s very often quite spot on without any leads.

    So I guess I need to be more brave and let my future come on!! Is what I gleaned from this! 😛

  2. Thanks so much for your detailed consideration of my exploration of your dream, Amber. ❤ There are indeed limitations to exploring a dream online compared with an in-person or Skype consultation, so I commend you on being so open to this sometimes clunky blog process. I really love how the dream has lead you to feeling empowered about the hows and whys of your current, what you need to move forward, and where you want to go. With the drive and ambition of Lisa Vanderpump within you, I have no doubt that you'll conquer your current challenges and accomplish your dreams – the non-exploding kind, of course. 🙂

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