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Driving through a canyon


DREAMER:  I was with my husband and my daughter outside on the balcony of our house when I happened to glance down and see a young man standing at the downstairs window. I was a bit surprised as I had not been expecting any students (I host international students.) I go downstairs to investigate who he is and, when I enter the downstairs area, there are about eight or so other young men who are part of a group visiting Australia. I tell them that they can’t stay because I don’t have room for them and I hadn’t advertised the space so there is a mix up. Then I invited the young man who I had first seen at the window to join us for a drive to the mountains. He came in our personal car with my hubby and daughter and, on the way, I learned that the men were a visiting choral group.

My hubby was driving the car because I was looking at the landscape. We were in a canyon. It reminded me of being in Petra before you come to the narrow opening of the ancient city. We were driving in this narrow canyon and if you looked up all you could see was the fabulous rock face which appeared flood lit. Every now and then there would be a niche carved into the rock face and there was a fabulous massive statue of a famous writer, poet or philosopher. They were very awe inspiring but every time I commented for everyone to look, we had already passed them and nobody got to see them except me. The amazing thing about the statues was that there appeared to be a luminous phosphorescence on parts of their clothing which lit up as we drove past.

We end up in a Turkish museum/bazaar and we separate for some reason and I end up losing track of my family.


The narrow passage that leads to Petra. (Wikipedia)

DREAMORPHEUS:  What immediately strikes me about this dream is the contrast between the masculine and feminine elements (or day and night, for those that prefer non-gendered terminology). Part of you, represented by the young man, is a curious seeker, an explorer of foreign lands, expressing himself harmoniously (through song), perhaps a little naive and romantic. Another aspect of yourself, one you are very comfortable with, is the non-nonsense practical character who went downstairs to investigate and assertively sorted out the situation. Is your husband like this? I suspect that’s why he’s the one driving the car. You can depend on him – and this part of yourself – to keep the car on the road and not to be distracted by the wonders of the landscape.

We can expand the polarities present: masculine spirit / upstairs balcony / mountains vs feminine soul / downstairs / canyon. It’s interesting that the young man was standing near the window, a threshold between inside and out, used to view but not move between these spaces. But on the move you are! Out from the controlled and familiar comfort of your family home to a fascinating carved rock landscape – a place of ancient wisdom, steeped in stories and knowledge that spans the ages.

Like the Turkish bazaar you end up in, Petra was a major trading hub that accumulated wealth for its people. The wealth that you seek however, is not fiscal, but the timeless wisdom shared by writers, poets, and philosophers (depicted as statues in niches). This, for you, is true wealth and will satisfy the longings of the young choral singer within you.

Although you wish to share your joy and wonder, at this time, the marvels are for you alone. Notice the benefits of being passive – slowing down to see what others miss. Relax into your feminine being, knowing that the practicalities are well taken care of and just enjoy the experience. There is nothing here for you to do, other than soak up the enduring wonders of the Earth.  May your journey be enlightening.




Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

3 thoughts on “Driving through a canyon

  1. Hi Kim; I really love the interpretation of my dream – particularly as you have picked up on the Masculine/Feminine aspects of it. I do have a very busy lifestyle where I am in charge of a lot of things (masculine) but then I also make sure I try to balance this with yoga and meditation (feminine). Since I have been practising the meditation I am finding I am able to tune in to more subtle energies that are always around us but we just dont notice them as we are too busy focusing on what we have to do next. Thanks for the validation that through my dedicated practise of Yoga and Meditation I am like an adventurer who is keen to learn and experience everything that lies in that rich realm of the subtle subconscious.

  2. Hi Kim, thanks for the dream interpretation. I really love the way you have picked up on the polarities between the masculine and feminine aspects and woven them into your interpretation. I do have a very busy work life where I drive (hahahaaaa). I also have to make a lot of decisions and be in control of things on a day to day basis – all of this is very masculine energy. I do balance it out by practising Yoga and meditation 3 nights a week and since I have been practising meditation I have been noticing that I am much more in touch with the subtle signs and energies that are constantly around us but we are just too busy to take much notice of(feminine energy). I love that the young man is my adventurous spirit and that he is excited and learning about different things; as a youthful attitude keeps the soul young at heart. Thanks for your wisdom, I found this very enlightening and also a validation about the positive affects of meditation x

  3. I’m so glad your found resonance with the dream exploration and hope that it encourages you to continue with your meditation and yoga. It’s very easy to get swept up in the busy-ness of the world and forget about the wonderful modes of self-care like yoga, meditation, and, of course, dreaming. 🙂

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