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Ex-boyfriend at my wedding

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DREAMER  My ex-boyfriend came back from the past. When I saw him, I told him “I am married now”.  He said, “Yes, I know. I was at your wedding at the church.” And then he started showing me pictures he took at the church of our wedding day.

my future

DREAMOPHEUS  Firstly, congratulations on your marriage. Secondly, don’t panic about your ex coming back into your life. 🙂

Weddings are a time of celebration with a focus on the future – the future life that the couple will create together. In contrast to this, you have someone ‘from the past’ showing you photos (which capture past moments).

Your wedding acts as powerful marker of time in the narrative of your life. There’s a sense that all your experiences (including those that involved your ex-boyfriend) helped bring you to that culminating moment.

Getting married is an initiation. A public ritual that celebrates your change in status. You are now at a life stage when you look back from a mature perspective and see things differently.

Who were you when you were dating your ex? In what ways have you grown since then? How do these past experiences inform your future? Where would you like to go from here?


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