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Leo New Moon (2/3 August)

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New Moon – Leo 10°57

Tuesday, 2 August 2016 at 20:44 UTC | Wednesday, 3 August 2016 at 06:44 AEST

The Leo new moon is calling you to show up and shine, to express yourself with warmth, generosity, and respect.

Where is the seed being planted for you this new moon?

Aries – 5th house – creativity, children, romance, pleasure
Taurus – 4th house – home, family, foundations, land
Gemini – 3rd house – your neighbourhood, local travel, siblings, communication
Cancer – 2nd house – resources, assets, income, supporters
Leo – 1st house – your health, vitality, appearance
Virgo – 12th house –hidden matters, secrets, the unconscious mind, unknown enemies
Libra – 11th house – friends, hopes, community
Scorpio – 10th house – career, awards, fame, worldly position
Sagittarius – 9th house – long-distance travel, higher learning, religion, philosophy
Capricorn – 8th house –fears/anxieties, partner’s money, debts, death, inheritance
Aquarius – 7th house – marriage, partnerships, identifiable opponents
Pisces – 6th house – health problems, employees, domestic chores, pets

Depending on what area of life this new moon activates and how personal it is to you (i.e. if it directly connects with your natal chart), you may like to ritualise the release of old reactive patterns of behaviour, acknowledge your independent self as a spiritual seed, before germinating your intention to shine like the star that you are.

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A new approach to familiar battles

Mars changes sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius, just before the new moon, so you are likely to feel increased freedom to explore far horizons, both physical and metaphorical. Keep in mind though that Mars won’t cover new Sagittarian territory until after the next full moon (18 August). The warrior god’s campaign isn’t quite over.

Cast your mind back to March (where Mars was before retrograding back to Scorpio). There are going to be a few flashback / déjà vu moments. Keep in mind that much has changed since then – you’ve evolved, the people involved are different, the situation has developed – so bring your now-more-aware self to the encounter this time around.

We might be going over ‘old ground’ but with age and experience comes wisdom – at least, it does if you’re doing it right. And when Mars meets up with Saturn after the full moon, you’ll not be left wondering on this question.

The tussle between Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces) continues. What unfolds this lunar month is important to this larger story as the Leo new moon connects with both these outer planets.

The new moon’s separating trine to retrograde Saturn, reinforces the themes of the dark lunar phase – learning from the previous cycle and letting go of the past. The last phase of the Mars retrograde story also reiterates the feeling of finality. Cast old threads into the fire for immolation, cleansing, and rebirth.

A seed cannot germinate without releasing itself from the pod (the last remnant of the parent plant) and reaching into new and unfamiliar territory.

The new moon’s quincunx to Neptune indicates some significant and unresolved tension in balancing the egoic self within the larger collective picture – and it is here that the new moon presents a more challenging dynamic.

Quincunxes occur between signs that have neither element nor mode in common. Leo is the fixed, fire sign. Pisces is the mutable, water sign. It’s a classic awkward date. Even if they did get together for coffee, they wouldn’t have much to talk about. While it’s relatively easy to go your separate ways in a clumsy social situation, a schism within the psyche is far from optimal.

What if you were to reject the separation of Self and Universe? What if you were to integrate these seemingly dichotomous elements of human experience?

(It sounds like a delicious cocktail, doesn’t it? As intoxicating as it is innovative. And requiring deft mixology skills.)

Efforts to integrate are already emerging in your consciousness but you’re not quite sure what to do with it yet, or even what it is. Neptune is notoriously resistant to definition, preferring to spill over and leak, uncontained.

Are you familiar with these Neptunian symptoms?

  1. The urge to escape (often via addictive behaviour) because it’s all got too hard
  2. Feeling acutely sensitive and overwhelmed by the harsh realities of the mundane world
  3. A deep longing to dissolve into the bliss of spiritual oneness
  4. All of the above.

Fear and grief are constantly present in our collective experience, and it is during the dark moon that we are closest to the shadow. If not contained and compartmentalised by the strength of your individual ego, you would be consumed by the horror.

The ego performs the essential psychic function of engaging with the mundane world in a personally meaningful way. Without a strong, conscious ego, we have no protective shield and would be overwhelmed by the tragedies that unfold daily on our home planet. It is the ego that says ‘Enough.’ and disconnects from the intravenous fear of 24-7 news cycle.

Sometimes ego is a dirty word, but, at its best, ego is the faithful servant of the Self.

Spiritual practice keeps the ego in check and enables it to serve your authenticity. Meditation, prayer, reflection, and rituals are bridges into the parts of ourselves that are often put to the side as we go about the business of daily life.

The new moon in Leo is an opportunity to recommit to your Self and everything that nourishes your vitality and emotional well-being. Acknowledge your need to express your unique self, celebrate the wonder of your multifaceted being, and fulfil your creative goals.

And speaking of creative goals 🙂 I am currently working on the beautiful new Dreamorpheus website. If you’d like to be the first to know about our launch, please sign up here.


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

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