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Crafting your life – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

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Just after the full moon , Mercury sidles up the Jupiter and they hang together for longer than usual. Why’s that? Uh oh! Mercury’s extended social call is because he’s slowing down to change (apparent) direction. Yep, unleash the crazy internet memes, it’s time for Mercury retrograde.

Personally, I love Mercury retrograde, and it’s not just because I have it natally.  Sure, it’s not business as usual, but it can be helpful. Look me, Mercury Rx girl stringing whole sentences together and successfully using the internet. Wowsers!

Mercury retrograde is an awesome opportunity to think deeper, consider something from another perspective, to change something that’s not working for you. Reflect, renegotiate, retreat, review. If you have something to do that it starts with re-, Mercury Rx is a great time to do it.

This Mercury retrograde is in Virgo, one of his favourite signs. (Gemini is Mercury’s other fave spot). Virgo is dead keen on analysis, discernment, and efficiency. There’s going to be a lot of internal dialogue sorting through events, experiences, emotions. Raw data is processed to become useful information.

Although the shadow period is already underway, it’s not until about a week before the retrograde station that Mercury noticeably slows down and the effects begin to be felt. Taking note of start of the shadow zone is a great reminder to back up your computer and finalise Mercury-sensitive matters.


Back to Mercury conjunct Jupiter, opposite Chiron in Pisces. It brings a healing vibe to the entire retrograde period, particularly in relation to the physical symptoms of mental stress. Not a quick fix, meal replacement, you’ll-never-believe-what-happens-next, snake oil type cure, but a meaningful cairn on your embodied spiritual journey.

It may involve making changes to how you care for your physical body. After all, what is more ritualised and habitual than our how we eat, treat, and honour ourselves each day?

What if you extended this conscious interaction between intent and action beyond your biological being to approach all aspects of life as rituals of service? What are you willing to sacrifice and surrender to achieve a sacred existence?

Could you scrub the bathtub mindfully as a joyful act of service to your household? Or try a completely new approach to domestic chores?

Could you celebrate your boorish colleague as another wonderful example of human individuality? Or give yourself permission to step away and re-center before the next encounter?

Could you attend that boring social event in the spirit that you were invited to attend? Or simply decline the invitation without guilt?

What do you clear away? How are you rewarded? Mercury retrograde is your chance to find out, without binding commitment. You are free to experiment.

Perhaps another scenario has arisen in your mind as you read these examples. Value the message that you have received. It is relevant to you now and deserving of your attention.

Every moment of every day you are crafting your life. Do you wield this power with care and intent?

Jupiter, wrapping up his year in Virgo on 10 September, wants you to bring it all together, and not miss the value of those tiny details. He’s thorough and willing to do all those thankless little things in service of the big picture. Seek the fractal patterns in your life.

Mercury brings your rational mind to this embodied spirituality and during the retrograde period helps you to think differently about your life. This is where the pressure is going to be, as you approach things in a new way, as an individual, from within.

Breathe in and expand to the full capacity of who you are. Breathe out and be of service to humanity right now.


10 August  – Mercury enters shadow zone (Virgo 14°49’)

30 August  – Mercury stations retrograde (Virgo 29°04’)

22 September  – Mercury stations direct  (Virgo 14°49’)

7 October – Mercury out of shadow zone (Virgo  29°04’)


Author: Kim

Writer; editor; astrologer; dream worker; transpersonal counsellor; witch.

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