Empowered exploration of your inner world through therapeutic astrology and dreamwork.


Dreams are a window to our essential self. They help us to discover hidden motivations and unravel patterns of behaviour. By exploring, engaging with and meditating upon the symbols in your dreams, your waking life is enriched and enhanced.

My gift of recognising symbols and weaving patterns can offer a fresh perspective on your dreams. I don’t have all the answers and I can’t promise to get it right every time but the questions I ask will reveal the path to your sacred self.

In recent years, my vocational and spiritual practices have merged. I am a writer, a transpersonal therapist, an astrologer, and witch. I have studied the great story tellers, delved into unseen worlds, and learnt to listen deeply to the silence.

I would be honoured if you choose to share your dreams here. Please send me your dreams using the Contact Me link. It’s anonymous and free as well as fun.

Brightest blessings, fellow dreamers.

x Kim


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi aello, davidl from MM I would love to post some recent dreams and get some feedback.
    Speak soon x

  2. Please do davidl; I’d love to.

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