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My new moon in Libra news

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Full moon in Pisces and lunar eclipse (September horoscopes)

As the closest heavenly body to Earth, the moon is our most intimate celestial guide to living life in alignment with our cosmic selves.

This full moon is a lunar eclipse and brings to a peak matters that were set in motion at the new moon.

Lunar eclipses occur at the full moon when the shadow of the earth obscures the moon. Our conscious ego (Sun) becomes aware that the mundane (Earth) overrules emotion (Moon).

By becoming aware of your own inner story and the situations that this story creates in your life, you are empowered to make conscious choices and change your emotional experience. It’s a practical hands-on intervention that sets a new emotional course.

The current eclipses are part of the Saros Series 19 North, which according to Bernadette Brady in Predictive Astrology has a broader theme of:
‘… realism, a coming down to earth. The individual will become aware of an old situation, and see it for what it is rather than what he or she thought it was. This can be a constructive time for tackling the truth.’

We’ve had the solar eclipse to the north node, which hopefully brought you some unexpected support towards your future growth. Now, two weeks later, we have the related lunar eclipse that is likely to unveil the obstacles created by your inner emotional story.

What must come to an end in your life to allow new pathways to unfold?

Larger celestial cycles dance with the monthly lunar cycle, and the lunation cycle is coloured by the aspects made to other planets at the sensitive times of the new and full moon.  Due to the unique make-up of each natal chart and how you bring that chart to life, you will have your own personal experience of these astrological configurations.

The full moon is conjunct Chiron in Pisces, reiterating themes of healing and wounding. The connection to the south node highlights the potential for releasing pain that you have held on to from the past.

Although likely to add stress, the square to Mars also injects a sense of urgency that has the potential to help you ‘rip off the band-aid’ from this psychic wound and separate your emotional identity from this old story.

It’s not about glossing over the pain or disowning the experience. Scars tell the story of battles won and can be rewritten consciously, as a source of strength and resilience.

There is power in your personal history to propel you forward and this eclipse asks you to acknowledge that power and act upon it.

Cut ties with old beliefs that restrict your freedom. Step forward confidently, independent and unencumbered.

Scroll down for your sign-by-sign full moon horoscopes.

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Full moon times: UTC 16 Sep 2016, 1905 | AEST 17 Sep 2016, 0505 | EST 16 Sep 2016, 1205


Aries – Whether you’ve booked a ticket or prefer exploration of the higher mind, your current enthusiasm for expanding your horizons is likely to have unanticipated consequences. Your dreams provide valuable clues so pay attention.

Taurus – Groups and community affiliations could prove to be a thorn in your side. If you’re asked to give more of your time and energy to a group, consider how it would affect your everyday quality of life. Negotiate a mutually agreeable solution.

Gemini – The lunar eclipse illuminates your emotional (over?)investment at work. Finding practical ways to improve the quality of time spent at home will alleviate relationship tensions. Hang in there. Jupiter promises good times ahead.

Cancer – Your everyday routine has been hard-going of late and you’re probably feeling quite run down. The lunar eclipse reveals a possible resolution of your mental tension. Don’t let a few small sacrifices stop you from planning a trip or enrolling in a course.

Leo – A financial rearrangement, if not total renovation, is already well underway. The lunar eclipse calls you to release your fears around death and insecurity about shared interests with a partner. It’s ultimately an act of creative liberation.

Virgo – Act from a position of strength of self by honouring the strength in others, especially, if they do not yet recognise this strength within themselves. Let go of the expectation of others, which may be based on the illusion that they are powerless.

Libra – With Venus at home to welcome Jupiter for a year-long stay, you’re looking gorgeous (even more so than usual, Libra) and luck is on your side. The eclipse offers a nice little reminder to watch your diet and maintain healthy daily habits while living the good life.

Scorpio – Channel your full moon madness into creative outlets – perhaps by taking a life drawing class with a friend or starting a secret confessional blog. You are encouraged to shakeup your everyday routine and rediscover what you truly value.

Sagittarius – That feeling of being caught between a rock and a hard place is likely to peak (yes, again) with the full moon. Consider: what option will most contribute to your long-term growth? Asking a trusted friend for advice is fruitful.

Capricorn – Keeping a personal journal, or writing a letter that will never be sent, is a cathartic outlet for emotional expression. No-one needs to know how your childhood wounds still matter or how they’ve driven you on to achieve your goals.

Aquarius – It’s time to release your attachment to wounded core beliefs around money. You know you can’t take it with you and, for you especially, true abundance is much less tangible. Cut yourself free and invest in social capital.

Pisces – Letting the mask drop to reveal your true self is scary but ultimately liberating – for your significant relationships, for your career, even for your finances. Once you’ve honoured the feelings, acknowledge the potential for growth within the crisis.

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New moon and solar eclipse in Virgo (September horoscopes)


Holy moly. As you may have guessed from the title, there’s a lot going on in September. While we’re all breathing a sigh of relief to have the Mars-Saturn show off our plate, there’s still the grand finale of the Neptune-Saturn square. We’re almost there, dreamers, and September is going to help you get where you need to be (although maybe not what you think you want).

Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, but he’s not alone in the sign of efficiency and purity. There’s a stellar posse there helping you to clean up and clear out. Check which natal house you have Virgo and Gemini because that’s where things are being reviewed and refined and renovated.

September kicks off with the new moon at 9°21 Virgo (Thursday 1 September, UTC 0903, AEST 1903) and the first of two eclipses.

The eclipse season is like a hard shutdown of your computer. You don’t particularly want to press that button and lose all your data, but your machine is running like a dog. Save your work and hope for the best. Then once you’ve turned it all back on, the damage isn’t as bad as what you expect and you’re back in business.

It really is quite exciting because the eclipse is tightly engaged with the last hurrah of the Neptune-Saturn square (which was recently twigged by Mars). This is the big story of 2016. Belief and reality. Hard work and delusion. Dreams and practicality. What have you let go of? What do you need to do every day to make progress? What daily rituals can you elevate and honour to live a magical life?

Eclipses accelerate our evolution, supercharging the effects of the new and full moons. Aligned with the north node (also very mystically referred to as the Dragon’s Head), the new moon solar eclipse sets the stage for your future growth, bringing opportunities and offers of support relevant to the natal house in which it occurs.stuttgart-68754

This could apply to work, to your family life, your health, your finances… Check your sign-by-sign horoscope forecasts here.


Aries/Aries-rising – Daily expansion of your mind plays an important role in maintaining/managing your health. Bring a fresh focus to your routine responsibilities, such as your schedule, diet, and exercise. Sorting out the small stuff frees your mind for the big stuff.

Taurus/Taurus-rising – Your thoughts turn to creating something that will live on beyond your time on Earth. Whether it is art or children or charitable work, you’re looking to make a tangible difference in the world and to have fun while you do it.

Gemini/Gemini-rising – A deep cleansing of your domestic and familial issues are underway. Listen to the needs of your most private and allow yourself plenty of quiet time at home to reflect. If you don’t mind a bit of noise, grab your power tools and renovate your abode.

Cancer/Cancer-rising – The eclipse declutters your mind and triggers a desire for satisfying mental stimulation, rather than just being busy. Find new ways of ordering your groceries, paying bills, exchanging information, travelling around your local area. Try meditation.

Leo/Leo-rising – It’s time to reassess your finances, both incoming and outgoing. Run an inventory on all the value you bring to your clients or your employer. Is it time to raise your prices or have your salary reviewed? Are your spending habits a true reflection of what is important to you?

Virgo/Virgo-rising – The focus is firmly on your health (even more so than usual) and appearance. You might feel that it’s time to change your hairstyle or refresh your wardrobe, to more truly reflect who you are in the inside. Feel confident by putting your best self forward.

Libra/Libra-rising– Somewhat unusually for relationship-focused Libra, you have a desire for solitude. During this period of transition, shuck off recent frustrations and embrace the opportunity to indulge in quiet introspection. What are you afraid of?

Scorpio/Scorpio-rising – New affiliations are forming as you discover that your creative goals align with like-minded friends and associates. This stimulates your dreams of the future and blesses you with new avenues of support and connection to make it happen.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius-rising – You’ve felt the heavy weight of responsibility and are relieved to finally gain some recognition for your efforts. Your public reputation is enhanced and the right people begin to notice all your hard work.  Hooray.

Capricorn/Capricorn-rising – The urge to expand your horizons, via education and/or travel, soars to the top of your to-do list. In some ways, you’ve felt lost and directionless – quite uncharacteristic for capable Capricorn – so it will do you good to map out a plan.

Aquarius/Aquarius-rising – There’s no point denying the grim realities of life and death. Serious tasks like tidying up your taxes, sorting out you will, reviewing your loans, will feel surprisingly good and pave the way to creativity.

Pisces/Pisces-rising – A new relationship landscape is forming, not just in your marriage, but also with business partners, key advisers, and even with your arch nemesis. As people come and go from your life, you accept that fate plays a role in attraction and separation.

I’m hoping Mercury retrograde will help me make progress on the Dreamorpheus website, which, to be honest, hasn’t made close to the amount of progress I had planned. To be the first to know when it’s up and running, leave your email address here. Thanks for your interest.

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Crafting your life – Mercury retrograde in Virgo


Just after the full moon , Mercury sidles up the Jupiter and they hang together for longer than usual. Why’s that? Uh oh! Mercury’s extended social call is because he’s slowing down to change (apparent) direction. Yep, unleash the crazy internet memes, it’s time for Mercury retrograde.

Personally, I love Mercury retrograde, and it’s not just because I have it natally.  Sure, it’s not business as usual, but it can be helpful. Look me, Mercury Rx girl stringing whole sentences together and successfully using the internet. Wowsers!

Mercury retrograde is an awesome opportunity to think deeper, consider something from another perspective, to change something that’s not working for you. Reflect, renegotiate, retreat, review. If you have something to do that it starts with re-, Mercury Rx is a great time to do it.

This Mercury retrograde is in Virgo, one of his favourite signs. (Gemini is Mercury’s other fave spot). Virgo is dead keen on analysis, discernment, and efficiency. There’s going to be a lot of internal dialogue sorting through events, experiences, emotions. Raw data is processed to become useful information.

Although the shadow period is already underway, it’s not until about a week before the retrograde station that Mercury noticeably slows down and the effects begin to be felt. Taking note of start of the shadow zone is a great reminder to back up your computer and finalise Mercury-sensitive matters.


Back to Mercury conjunct Jupiter, opposite Chiron in Pisces. It brings a healing vibe to the entire retrograde period, particularly in relation to the physical symptoms of mental stress. Not a quick fix, meal replacement, you’ll-never-believe-what-happens-next, snake oil type cure, but a meaningful cairn on your embodied spiritual journey.

It may involve making changes to how you care for your physical body. After all, what is more ritualised and habitual than our how we eat, treat, and honour ourselves each day?

What if you extended this conscious interaction between intent and action beyond your biological being to approach all aspects of life as rituals of service? What are you willing to sacrifice and surrender to achieve a sacred existence?

Could you scrub the bathtub mindfully as a joyful act of service to your household? Or try a completely new approach to domestic chores?

Could you celebrate your boorish colleague as another wonderful example of human individuality? Or give yourself permission to step away and re-center before the next encounter?

Could you attend that boring social event in the spirit that you were invited to attend? Or simply decline the invitation without guilt?

What do you clear away? How are you rewarded? Mercury retrograde is your chance to find out, without binding commitment. You are free to experiment.

Perhaps another scenario has arisen in your mind as you read these examples. Value the message that you have received. It is relevant to you now and deserving of your attention.

Every moment of every day you are crafting your life. Do you wield this power with care and intent?

Jupiter, wrapping up his year in Virgo on 10 September, wants you to bring it all together, and not miss the value of those tiny details. He’s thorough and willing to do all those thankless little things in service of the big picture. Seek the fractal patterns in your life.

Mercury brings your rational mind to this embodied spirituality and during the retrograde period helps you to think differently about your life. This is where the pressure is going to be, as you approach things in a new way, as an individual, from within.

Breathe in and expand to the full capacity of who you are. Breathe out and be of service to humanity right now.


10 August  – Mercury enters shadow zone (Virgo 14°49’)

30 August  – Mercury stations retrograde (Virgo 29°04’)

22 September  – Mercury stations direct  (Virgo 14°49’)

7 October – Mercury out of shadow zone (Virgo  29°04’)

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Aquarius Full Moon

Full moon Aquarius 25° 51′

18 August 2016, UTC 0926 | AEST 1926

The full moon brings light to the night sky, enlightens the darkness, and fully illuminates your consciousness. It is the manifestation of the new moon vision. It is potent time when you are open to receive something from outside the self.

Across the Leo – Aquarius axis, your ego awakens to the concerns of the human collective. There is a shift from being an active source of radiance to the impassive act of illumination. The boundary between the performer and the audience dissolves and a dialogue takes place. Who holds the real power?

With Uranus involved, you know it’s going to be zingy, likely to stir up the status quo, both in your personal life and for the collective. The urge to break free from the established way of doing things is heightened by the full moon so watch for revolutionary change, progressive reforms, and a defiant willingness to stand out from the crowd.

While exciting, Uranian awakening is rarely welcome because it is painful to let go of security, predictability, and control.  Be gentle with yourself if you experience a sudden, unexpected change of direction. Anchor heightened emotions in the body through rituals of self-care and self-love.Aquarius2

(If you could use a safe, non-judgemental space to explore an issue, ask for help. I offer transpersonal counselling, and there are many other supportive therapy options available, no matter how dire your situation.)


Thanks for all the feedback on my first-ever monthly horoscopes. As you love the sign-by-sign format, I’m going to include mini moon forecasts for each sign with both my new moon and full moon reports. I love to hear from you, so please, let me know what you think.

Aries – You don’t need to lose yourself to contribute to the group. Embracing and expressing your uniqueness endears you to your friends and community.

Taurus – A quirky solution to the tricky work/life balance comes out of nowhere but presents a valid solution to lingering anxieties. Don’t be afraid to give it a go.

Gemini – Often the most valuable learning comes from outside the classroom. A straightforward approach helps make those dreams a reality.

Cancer – You’re optimistic about money and willing to try new approaches to make more of it. Don’t let fear of the inevitable stop you.

Leo – Relationships don’t have to be conventional to be fulfilling. A long-distance romance could be perfect for you and your love. Technology can spice things up.

Virgo – How are you feeling about your daily routines and rituals of devotion? Does your current schedule alleviate your death anxiety? Breathe deeply; you’re doing great.

Libra – Journal your uncensored thoughts to bring clarity to relationship matters, whether you’re focused on your children or your friends. Burn the evidence.

Scorpio – Shaking up your morning routine will invigorate your outlook. You might even find that there’s a spring in your step on your way to work and on the way home.

Sagittarius – Creative new approaches to your spiritual beliefs and philosophy of life reboots your sibling relationships. Having fun is healthy.

Capricorn – If you’re seeking new solutions to financial issues, be sure to examine your deeper motivations rather than act on impulse.

Aquarius – You’re channelling formidable authority and persuasive power right now. Use this to negotiate positive outcomes in your community.

Pisces – It’s a great time to snuggle up to the skeletons in your closet. Spending time alone to meditate on your not-so-noble qualities prevents the Gods from striking you down.

One of the most beautiful things about astrology is being able to work with the cycles of the planets to live a life of cosmic harmony. That doesn’t mean everything always goes smoothly, but having that extra information helps make sense of challenging experiences. Gazing upon the full moon is a simple way of connecting with the wonder of being alive.

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Leo New Moon (2/3 August)

New Moon – Leo 10°57

Tuesday, 2 August 2016 at 20:44 UTC | Wednesday, 3 August 2016 at 06:44 AEST

The Leo new moon is calling you to show up and shine, to express yourself with warmth, generosity, and respect.

Where is the seed being planted for you this new moon?

Aries – 5th house – creativity, children, romance, pleasure
Taurus – 4th house – home, family, foundations, land
Gemini – 3rd house – your neighbourhood, local travel, siblings, communication
Cancer – 2nd house – resources, assets, income, supporters
Leo – 1st house – your health, vitality, appearance
Virgo – 12th house –hidden matters, secrets, the unconscious mind, unknown enemies
Libra – 11th house – friends, hopes, community
Scorpio – 10th house – career, awards, fame, worldly position
Sagittarius – 9th house – long-distance travel, higher learning, religion, philosophy
Capricorn – 8th house –fears/anxieties, partner’s money, debts, death, inheritance
Aquarius – 7th house – marriage, partnerships, identifiable opponents
Pisces – 6th house – health problems, employees, domestic chores, pets

Depending on what area of life this new moon activates and how personal it is to you (i.e. if it directly connects with your natal chart), you may like to ritualise the release of old reactive patterns of behaviour, acknowledge your independent self as a spiritual seed, before germinating your intention to shine like the star that you are.

You might also like to read your August horoscope for more inspiration.


A new approach to familiar battles

Mars changes sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius, just before the new moon, so you are likely to feel increased freedom to explore far horizons, both physical and metaphorical. Keep in mind though that Mars won’t cover new Sagittarian territory until after the next full moon (18 August). The warrior god’s campaign isn’t quite over.

Cast your mind back to March (where Mars was before retrograding back to Scorpio). There are going to be a few flashback / déjà vu moments. Keep in mind that much has changed since then – you’ve evolved, the people involved are different, the situation has developed – so bring your now-more-aware self to the encounter this time around.

We might be going over ‘old ground’ but with age and experience comes wisdom – at least, it does if you’re doing it right. And when Mars meets up with Saturn after the full moon, you’ll not be left wondering on this question.

The tussle between Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces) continues. What unfolds this lunar month is important to this larger story as the Leo new moon connects with both these outer planets.

The new moon’s separating trine to retrograde Saturn, reinforces the themes of the dark lunar phase – learning from the previous cycle and letting go of the past. The last phase of the Mars retrograde story also reiterates the feeling of finality. Cast old threads into the fire for immolation, cleansing, and rebirth.

A seed cannot germinate without releasing itself from the pod (the last remnant of the parent plant) and reaching into new and unfamiliar territory.

The new moon’s quincunx to Neptune indicates some significant and unresolved tension in balancing the egoic self within the larger collective picture – and it is here that the new moon presents a more challenging dynamic.

Quincunxes occur between signs that have neither element nor mode in common. Leo is the fixed, fire sign. Pisces is the mutable, water sign. It’s a classic awkward date. Even if they did get together for coffee, they wouldn’t have much to talk about. While it’s relatively easy to go your separate ways in a clumsy social situation, a schism within the psyche is far from optimal.

What if you were to reject the separation of Self and Universe? What if you were to integrate these seemingly dichotomous elements of human experience?

(It sounds like a delicious cocktail, doesn’t it? As intoxicating as it is innovative. And requiring deft mixology skills.)

Efforts to integrate are already emerging in your consciousness but you’re not quite sure what to do with it yet, or even what it is. Neptune is notoriously resistant to definition, preferring to spill over and leak, uncontained.

Are you familiar with these Neptunian symptoms?

  1. The urge to escape (often via addictive behaviour) because it’s all got too hard
  2. Feeling acutely sensitive and overwhelmed by the harsh realities of the mundane world
  3. A deep longing to dissolve into the bliss of spiritual oneness
  4. All of the above.

Fear and grief are constantly present in our collective experience, and it is during the dark moon that we are closest to the shadow. If not contained and compartmentalised by the strength of your individual ego, you would be consumed by the horror.

The ego performs the essential psychic function of engaging with the mundane world in a personally meaningful way. Without a strong, conscious ego, we have no protective shield and would be overwhelmed by the tragedies that unfold daily on our home planet. It is the ego that says ‘Enough.’ and disconnects from the intravenous fear of 24-7 news cycle.

Sometimes ego is a dirty word, but, at its best, ego is the faithful servant of the Self.

Spiritual practice keeps the ego in check and enables it to serve your authenticity. Meditation, prayer, reflection, and rituals are bridges into the parts of ourselves that are often put to the side as we go about the business of daily life.

The new moon in Leo is an opportunity to recommit to your Self and everything that nourishes your vitality and emotional well-being. Acknowledge your need to express your unique self, celebrate the wonder of your multifaceted being, and fulfil your creative goals.

And speaking of creative goals 🙂 I am currently working on the beautiful new Dreamorpheus website. If you’d like to be the first to know about our launch, please sign up here.


August Horoscopes


Image: Remko van Dokkum

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Aries – Rather uncharacteristically, for months, you’ve been in the doldrums. Thankfully, you’ve already begun to shake off the funk. August brings much-needed space and freedom for you to flex your muscles in true Aries style. Get creative with a new training regime to fully unleash your warrior magic.

Taurus – That’s enough time on the couch, Taurus. It’s time to get out and have some fun. Don’t just do what you’ve always done; try mixing the tried and true with some new activities. Be playful; get hands-on; surprise yourself. Play Pokemon Go with the kids. You might even notice a boost to your health.

Gemini – If you’ve been busier than usual lately, Gemini, you’ll appreciate the spotlight returning to your home life. Look at each area of your home with fresh eyes. Compare how you feel when you see your favourite trinkets with how you feel when you open the junk drawer.  A feng shui update will have wonderful effects on your well-being.

Cancer – Attention is firmly on your finances this month, Cancer. If your budget, loans, and contractual agreements aren’t compatible with your current lifestyle, you can expect some chaos. This isn’t something you should fear. Welcome it as an opportunity to set things up anew, aligned with who you are becoming, not who you used to be.

Leo – Oh, Leo, as if I need to remind you that it’s your time to shine. And of course, I really don’t need to encourage you to buy yourself a birthday treat. Spending money on yourself will pay double dividends: Look good on the outside and feel great on the inside. Toss that mane and roar!

Virgo – Time in seclusion is preparation for relaunch. Although you are focused being helpful, it is through tending to your own needs that you discover new ways to excel in coming weeks. While, initial symptoms may cause you some concern (especially at work), have faith in your natural ability to improve any situation.

Libra – Even for relationship-oriented Libra, there are abundant rewards from spending time alone. You’ve loved being out and about recently but your focus is beginning to shift inward. Rest and reflect on what nourishes your soul. Tend to the intricacies of your inner world. It’s not navel-gazing. It’s essential expansion of your cosmic self.

Scorpio – Although Scorpio is better equipped than most for resurrection and renewal, redefining who you are is hard work. The results that you are beginning to see aren’t just a figment of your vivid imagination. They are real. Enjoy the boost to your bank balance and to your self-esteem. You thoroughly deserve all the goodness that flows your way.

Sagittarius – Are you feeling newly energised? August is like a B12 shot in the arm when compared to the heavy-going of recent weeks. Do be careful not to overdo it though, especially if you’re prone to inflammation and injuries. Taking what you’ve learned in theory out into the world leads to further learning and, ultimately, success.

Capricorn – The review of your financial situation has been tough (even for you, tough-as-nails Capricorn) but necessary. Abundance energy has been gathering steam and August brings a noticeable milestone. Don’t rest on your laurels though. Max it out for the long-term and really capitalise on your hard-won achievements.

Aquarius – You’ve spent a lot of time alone pondering your place in the world and how you structure your relationships. In August, you’ll continue this process of investigation and take it to new depths. There’s plenty of psychic energy for you to draw upon, so don’t be afraid to quietly test your working hypothesis.

Pisces – It’s all about you, Pisces. Or rather, it’s all about you in relation to others. There’s a lot going on with your significant other/s and it’s also stirring the pot at home. Although it may seem unsettling, the upcoming rearrangements will lead to improvements. Don’t rush the process and you’ll find your patience is rewarded.

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