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Mysterious mannequin

DREAMER:  I dreamt that I was asleep in my room. I turned over and felt someone standing beside the bed.

It was a male figure. I nearly jumped out of bed in the dream (and in reality), then screamed when the figure fell on top of me and I pushed it off.

It was a mannequin.

I rushed to the door and opened it to see who had been in my room to leave it. 

It took me a few mins to realise that I had dreamed it. The mannequin reminded me of a sex-bot I read about in a book long ago.


Image source: http://www.ecvv.com

DREAMORPHEUS: Ooh, dreaming of sleeping while you’re sleeping. How very Inception. The boundaries between fantasy and reality are blurrier than our rational minds would care to admit. Dreaming opens us up the malleability of our worlds. I feel that this dream is an invitation for you to sort out what is real and what is fake/fantasy/imitation.

Mannequins are life-size dolls commonly used to fit and display clothing, but they’re also used scientifically for simulations and testing. No matter what they’re asked to do, a mannequin will never complain.

Interestingly, the word mannequin is derived from a Flemish word that means ‘little man’. As a woman, within you is a little man, your masculine aspect, known as the animus. This is the part of the psyche that guides you between the conscious and unconscious realms.

Encounters with the animus commonly prompt both the feeling of being under attack (the mannequin falls on you) and attraction (reminds you of a sex-bot). While a dummy makes an excellent stand-in for mundane tasks, your mannequin is without soul and cannot offer a full, embodied experience of life.

I’d encourage you to list your own personal associations for ‘mannequin’ and get a sense of what aspects of your life are seeking to be enlivened.



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Ex-boyfriend at my wedding

DREAMER  My ex-boyfriend came back from the past. When I saw him, I told him “I am married now”.  He said, “Yes, I know. I was at your wedding at the church.” And then he started showing me pictures he took at the church of our wedding day.

my future

DREAMOPHEUS  Firstly, congratulations on your marriage. Secondly, don’t panic about your ex coming back into your life. 🙂

Weddings are a time of celebration with a focus on the future – the future life that the couple will create together. In contrast to this, you have someone ‘from the past’ showing you photos (which capture past moments).

Your wedding acts as powerful marker of time in the narrative of your life. There’s a sense that all your experiences (including those that involved your ex-boyfriend) helped bring you to that culminating moment.

Getting married is an initiation. A public ritual that celebrates your change in status. You are now at a life stage when you look back from a mature perspective and see things differently.

Who were you when you were dating your ex? In what ways have you grown since then? How do these past experiences inform your future? Where would you like to go from here?


Driving through a canyon

DREAMER:  I was with my husband and my daughter outside on the balcony of our house when I happened to glance down and see a young man standing at the downstairs window. I was a bit surprised as I had not been expecting any students (I host international students.) I go downstairs to investigate who he is and, when I enter the downstairs area, there are about eight or so other young men who are part of a group visiting Australia. I tell them that they can’t stay because I don’t have room for them and I hadn’t advertised the space so there is a mix up. Then I invited the young man who I had first seen at the window to join us for a drive to the mountains. He came in our personal car with my hubby and daughter and, on the way, I learned that the men were a visiting choral group.

My hubby was driving the car because I was looking at the landscape. We were in a canyon. It reminded me of being in Petra before you come to the narrow opening of the ancient city. We were driving in this narrow canyon and if you looked up all you could see was the fabulous rock face which appeared flood lit. Every now and then there would be a niche carved into the rock face and there was a fabulous massive statue of a famous writer, poet or philosopher. They were very awe inspiring but every time I commented for everyone to look, we had already passed them and nobody got to see them except me. The amazing thing about the statues was that there appeared to be a luminous phosphorescence on parts of their clothing which lit up as we drove past.

We end up in a Turkish museum/bazaar and we separate for some reason and I end up losing track of my family.


The narrow passage that leads to Petra. (Wikipedia)

DREAMORPHEUS:  What immediately strikes me about this dream is the contrast between the masculine and feminine elements (or day and night, for those that prefer non-gendered terminology). Part of you, represented by the young man, is a curious seeker, an explorer of foreign lands, expressing himself harmoniously (through song), perhaps a little naive and romantic. Another aspect of yourself, one you are very comfortable with, is the non-nonsense practical character who went downstairs to investigate and assertively sorted out the situation. Is your husband like this? I suspect that’s why he’s the one driving the car. You can depend on him – and this part of yourself – to keep the car on the road and not to be distracted by the wonders of the landscape.

We can expand the polarities present: masculine spirit / upstairs balcony / mountains vs feminine soul / downstairs / canyon. It’s interesting that the young man was standing near the window, a threshold between inside and out, used to view but not move between these spaces. But on the move you are! Out from the controlled and familiar comfort of your family home to a fascinating carved rock landscape – a place of ancient wisdom, steeped in stories and knowledge that spans the ages.

Like the Turkish bazaar you end up in, Petra was a major trading hub that accumulated wealth for its people. The wealth that you seek however, is not fiscal, but the timeless wisdom shared by writers, poets, and philosophers (depicted as statues in niches). This, for you, is true wealth and will satisfy the longings of the young choral singer within you.

Although you wish to share your joy and wonder, at this time, the marvels are for you alone. Notice the benefits of being passive – slowing down to see what others miss. Relax into your feminine being, knowing that the practicalities are well taken care of and just enjoy the experience. There is nothing here for you to do, other than soak up the enduring wonders of the Earth.  May your journey be enlightening.




Saving Lisa Vanderpump

DREAMER: I was in a supermarket. The open top coolers had conveyor belts that were moving waxed cardboard barrels of frozen soup.. They were being sold at a heavily marked down price so poorer people could afford it but that markdown triggered an economic collapse. I watched the people in the supermarket freak out as they ran around buying last minute stuff they think they’ll need. It was like Y2K. And for some reason I was there with Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa and I leave the market and go to her manor house, where all kids from the show were hanging out in swimsuits like they were about to go to the beach or pool. For some reason, the whole house is rigged with horrible traps. One by one, all these people are slaughtered. There was a trap in the kitchen, and, in the sitting room, there was one just like it on the mantle piece: three razor trip wires, separately triggered and in long, medium, and tiny lengths that whip out and slice into flesh and bone. This happened in the kitchen first. Having witnessed it, we see it happen again in the living room, but Lisa, after the second wire is triggered, starts to move towards the body, and I throw my arm out to stop her, because the last wire hasn’t been triggered. I jump on the floor hard to trigger it so it’s out and done. This was stupid of me: the last trigger was different than the kitchen setup and a tiny circular razor saw with a razor wire attached, like a sick version of ball in a cup, is thrown out into the room at an angle, cutting into Lisa’s leg. On the other side of the room, two girls lose their minds entirely and try to run, but they fall, sliding across the wooden floor into a shelf full of what looked like heavy, solid glass bowling balls, all smash down on one girl, obliterating her body. The other is blown with shards of glass. It’s gory, horrific chaos and I have no idea why it was happening.

Lisa and I leave the house, the last two alive, and almost get in her van, but having a crazy worry I stop her again for fear of a car bomb. I mean after what we just witnessed, why not? At this point I wake up.


DREAMORPHEUS: I’m not familiar with Lisa Vanderpump, although a quick Google tells me she is very wealthy and very marketing savvy. It would be worthwhile to do a bit of a brainstorm about what association pop up for you. What do you love about her? Or hate about her? What do you admire about her? Does she remind you of anyone? As all dream characters are symbolic of aspects within your own psyche, expanding on your personal associations will show you what latent qualities are being stimulated by events in your waking life.

One thing I did notice about Lisa is that she is known as a philanthropist – the sort of person that might advocate for marked down barrels of frozen soup for the poor – but she is also a person of privilege, insulated from the effects of an economic crisis. You are doing your utmost to protect Lisa from danger – or, rather, there is a part of yourself (represented by this famous woman) that you seek to protect.

So what is the threat? You have described it as ‘for some reason’, ‘no idea why it was happening’, ‘gory, horrific chaos’. There is something happening in your waking life at this time that makes you feel like you have no control in a hostile situation. It may relate to your plans for the future (successful Lisa), your family (matriarch Lisa), or home (manor Lisa). In an even broader sense, it relates to your experience of feeling safe and supported, or lack thereof.

Perhaps it’s time to sacrifice the part/s of yourself that ‘lose their minds entirely and try to run’ from the inexplicable challenges that life throws at you? After all, you’ve done your best to save them. It’s interesting that the two girls die from deadly encounters with glass. Glass is usually considered to be fragile, but in your dream, it is deadly. Again, your personal associations around glass will be revealing, and I believe, guide you to forward.

Vehicles often relate to life direction. The Lisa Vanderpump you is keen to move on and the van seems ready go – but you are holding her (yourself) back because of past events. What would life be like if you assumed that it was safe to get in the van? Where would you go?


Healing childhood blooms

DREAMER: I am in the town I grew up in but I am there as an adult. I went on a bus with the kids I went to school with. They were all adults too. We were picked up from our school and we drove to the house I grew up in. I felt sad because I had had a difficult childhood. I got out of the bus and my school friends wished me luck. I became a younger version of myself and walked towards my childhood home.

I noticed the house was white and there was a side patio with big white and apricot coloured flowers and my mother was gardening. She greeted me. I went on to the back porch and there was stuff everywhere, boxes and rubbish and I felt sad about how I grew up.

When I was growing up there was stuff everywhere; the house was messy, at times dirty and chaotic. I had a sense of embarrassment as a child for others to see my house. I started crying. I felt a release, like I was letting go of the sadness and the issues of self worth that my childhood had created.

The flowers were not there in real life as a child and they really stood out in the dream.


DREAMORPHEUS: I hear in your retelling of this dream that it was a profound healing experience, an acknowledgement from the subconscious part of your psyche of how far you have come from your childhood story.

I see parallels between the adults in the dream and the flowers. Comparing the life cycle of plants with the life cycle of humans, there is a correspondence. Both are the disseminating phase where DNA (coded messages) is spread far and wide into the environment to become fertilised seed and start a new cycle.

The plant metaphor extends further. We often refer to our family or childhood origins as our roots. Roots reach for whatever source of nourishment the environment has available. Few of us are planted in optimal conditions, but each of us must capitalise on the circumstance of our birth.

And you have bloomed.

The colour white contains all colours, reflecting the full spectrum of your life experience. It is also associated with purity and potential – qualities that are always within you. The colour apricot speaks to me of sweetness, the vibrant orange of the solar plexus muted with feminine pink. Perhaps it could be thought of as Will softened by Love? As the flowers in the dream were not a feature of your actual childhood home, this is something that you have created independently, for and of yourself.

The pleasant front and side of the house contrasts with the chaos out the back. Although not privy to the whole yard, your peers accompany you on this visit and offer their well wishes. Continue to seek and accept the support of your social circle. It is often through the eyes of our friends that our best self is reflected back.

Do you know what kind of flowers they were? I’d encourage you to procure and care for this plant (or a similar variety) in your waking life. To honour, not only the healing that you experienced within the dream, but also as a powerful symbolic guide, representing your unique magnificence as you continue your healing journey.

Tend to the garden of your psyche and you will be rewarded.


In a hotel lift, naked

DREAM: I was leaving a hotel, travelling down in a lift to go out on the town. I was in a crowd and a guy looked at me weirdly and said, ‘Where’s your costume?” I looked down and realized I was naked!

Lifts - Gaslamp Plaza Suites Hotel, San Diego

Gaslamp Plaza Suites Hotel, San Diego

EXPLORATION: Hotels are transitory spaces where the rules are relaxed. Whether you’re the corporate type or part of a family group, the way you live is different when you’re not at home. From those lofty upper floors of spiritual pursuits and high ideals, you descend for a night out with the muggles. And it’s been noticed. Oops, you forgot your costume, silly. That’s no way to blend into the crowd. The persona is the costume we all wear as we engage with different people in the different situations we meet throughout our life. The trick is to choose our costume/persona consciously and to not over-identify with it, lest we become lost in the profusion of fabric and there is no self left within. Not that that is a problem with you. You are naked. The dream is a gentle reminder that being naked (i.e. without a protective persona) leaves you exposed to the judgement of the not-so-spiritually-enlightened masses – and that’s not always safe. Don’t be too relaxed. Make sure that the environments in which you choose to reveal your heart and expose your vulnerabilities are supportive of your authenticity. If not, robe up.

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A little bingle

DREAM: I dreamed that I had a minor car bingle. A lovely guy helped me sort it, as the person who hit my vehicle was very aggressive. Then my rescuer asked: ‘Would you like a bit?’  [A bit of sex.] I thought: ‘No, we have just met’. Then, in my dream, I realised it was a dream, so we went for it.

Reutlinger ca. 1920

Reutlinger c.1920

EXPLORE: The mode of transport that you use in the dream is usually indicative of your life direction. Cars are personal vehicles (as opposed to public transport) and, as long as there’s a road, you can go pretty much wherever you like. The accident could be thought of as one of the unexpected events that happen to us all on life’s journey. Do you sometimes feel that life’s inconvenient occurrences are personally threatening? I’m getting a sense of disempowerment connected to your femininity from this part of the dream. But then ~ plot twist! ~ you become lucid in the dream and make a conscious decision to meld with the ‘rescuer’ and accept his capable, assertive (and importantly, not aggressive) qualities. This dream seems to indicate a readiness to ditch the ‘damsel in distress’ act and take life’s little challenges in your stride. Go you!