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worms, bullets + swans


The Swan Maidens by Walter Crane (courtesy of Peter Nahum at Leicester Galleries)

The Swan Maidens by Walter Crane (courtesy of Peter Nahum at Leicester Galleries)

I was running a bath when a little boy came and placed a rotten potato in the bathwater. I didn’t get in. Then he tried to put some worms in the bathwater. I told him to take the worms outside and kill them in the rosebushes. There were three silver worms that turned into tiny silver bullets which then morphed into tiny silver swans. I told the little boy to kill them. He put a plastic bag over their heads to suffocate them and I woke up. 

What leaps out to me about this dream is the contrast between disgust and beauty: a rotten potato; icky worms; thriving rosebushes; graceful swans. There’s plenty of death imagery there too: you tell the boy to kill the worms and the swans; there are bullets and suffocation.

What ties all these symbols together is the ‘morphing’, the endless cycle of life/death/rebirth. From the rotten potato, a new plant may sprout. The bodies of the dead worms will nourish the rosebushes. Rosebushes have beautiful fragrant blooms symbolic of love but they also bear sharp thorns. The silver morphs from worms into bullets and then into swans.

The swan is associated with beauty and grace – and as aquatic birds, this ties in nicely with the feminine symbolism of the water, the roses and the silver.

Do you remember the story of the ugly duckling? Look deeper; love yourself.  There is an intrinsic link between life and death. Nothing is static; everything transforms and evolves. This powerful energy is within you!