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I used to have this nightmare regularly from the time I was a child right through until my 40s.


It is dark and I am walking alone. I hear steps behind me. The steps start to go faster and faster until they are running after me. I try to scream but nothing comes out.


One night though, I actually did scream, waking my partner at the time and his deaf mother. It was a blood-curdling scream. 


I hope now that I have told you about it I don’t start having it again.


I have just realised that the nightmare stopped when I started doing volunteer work with a charity. Perhaps the training gave me some sort of confidence that I lacked?


When I was little, I thought I was certainly second-rate to my brother and was sent to my grandparents most weekends. I felt I was a very disruptive person and that I had to prove myself. Sad but true!



I know it was a nightmare at the time but what a great dream. Many of us had recurring dreams during childhood that hold important clues for our adult destiny.


It is interesting that you made the connection between this dream and your relationship with your brother. Was he older than you? Did you feel that you were expected to ‘follow in his footsteps’?


Being in darkness implies that you are lost. You don’t know where you are and are unable to get your bearings. On the other hand, it is easier to hide in the dark so perhaps it was a safe place for you, a place where you wouldn’t be noticed…


Hearing only the sound of the ominous footsteps getting closer and closer must have been terrifying. And not being able to call for help – yikes!


It is amazing though that the dream stopped when you started volunteering. It is as if the footsteps chased you to your destiny of helping others. Valuing your kind and compassionate nature and recognising that you had something special to offer the world, you finally did ‘prove yourself’.


No more running. You found your voice.


As for the blood-curdling scream, there is a sleep disorder called sleep terrors (or night terrors) that is a recognised medical condition but I don’t think it would apply in your case. Were you under a lot of stress at the time?


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evil twin

Last week I had a very interesting reading from my astrology teacher. Amongst many other insightful themes of interpretation, Babula asked me to consider how duality functions in my daily life. With Pisces rising and a Gemini Sun, I am perpetually in two minds about everything.

There is a dark side to us all.

Within me there is a golden twin and an evil twin. The golden twin takes responsibility for her actions and (over?) thinks her contribution to a ‘negative’ situation. The evil twin blames others without thought and takes glory for herself alone.

Each voice deserves to be expressed but neither is without responsibility. Both points-of-view offer a different perspective on the one truth. Neither is right. Neither is wrong.

Recently, some readers have told me of their reluctance to send in ‘disturbing’ dream content. Each one of us has a shadow side, acknowledged and expressed in our waking lives and our dreaming lives. Sex, violence, cruelty and a myriad of other ‘evil’ emotions are part of our human experience on Earth. Accepting all of our human thoughts and emotions is part of our life’s journey.

It is OK to be sick, to be afraid, to be jealous, to be angry. Just don’t deny that that is what you are feeling.

If you’re feeling bold, release your evil twin and send in  those disturbing dreams. Nothing is too racy or gruesome (and if it is, I’ll use my editing skills to tone it down for mass consumption). Hoping to hear from  YOU soon.