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chewing gum joy

Last night I had a most delightful dream. I was travelling the world with a two-year-old girl. The little girl and I painted ourselves with glitter and called it fairy dust. We sprinkled this dust and all the other joy we had on a long piece of chewing gum. At the end of our travels, I knew I had to get the little girl home. All of a sudden, we were being chased and had to jump down a big slope to get her to the gate to her mother. I was worried about my knees failing and remember trusting and recalling I will be okay. With the girl in my arms, I jumped and landed well, got the little one through the gate to her mother. We then urged the mother to ‘taste the joy’ of our travels by having some of the chewing gum.

This dream urges you to embrace the joy of childhood innocence in your adult life. The little girl and the mother are both aspects of your Self. The chewing gum is an interesting dream symbol, embodying youthful flexibility and fun – qualities that your adult self needs a little encouragement to taste. You have the skills and most importantly the faith to take the leap required to reunite the mother and daughter within yourself.