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green elephant


I had a dream about a man trying to kill a green elephant. The entire dream was tinged with green – like a black and white movie except in shades of green. It was set in a jungle. The man was trying to kill the elephant with the end of a broken, ‘jaded’ glass. 


I could not see the man’s face except at the end of the dream. He was middle-aged and unhappy – not a face I knew. He was extremely frustrated, almost angry, that he couldn’t kill the elephant. I’m not sure if he killed the elephant in the end…


I remember this dream distinctly because I had it two nights in a row before finding out that my friend’s father had killed himself.  When I heard the news, goose bumps went up my spine; I automatically thought of my dream and feel there is a connection.



Trust your intuitive feeling that there is a connection between the dream and the suicide. That is not to say that your dream was prophetic or that you could have done anything to prevent this tragedy. With the benefit of hindsight, we can recognise and learn from the patterns created by symbols and events. You have made the connection between the dream and the death; therefore, the synchronicity has personal meaning for you.


The elephant is revered as a positive symbol of strength, loyalty, fertility and good luck. The man in your dream was pursuing these qualities but for all the wrong reasons. The green wash over this dream, is important to the meaning. The phrase ‘green with envy’ jumps to mind but let’s examine the symbols more closely.


You describe the man’s weapon as ‘a broken, jaded glass’. Jade is a green gemstone that aligns with the symbolism of the elephant including longevity and good luck. Jade can be used to balance the heart chakra and encourages emotional balance and detachment. (Dream tip: Place a piece of jade under your pillow to assist dreamwork.) The glass, or chalice, is another symbol associated with emotions that reinforces this interpretation. 


Perhaps the man in your dream was motivated by a broken heart? His view of life became ‘jaded’ and rather than pursue the positive qualities represented by the elephant for himself, he sought to kill it so that no-one else could have it. He is envious of the good fortune of others and is unable to navigate life’s jungle to reach his goal. He becomes frustrated and attempts to suppress his mounting anger.



I would say that this dream is a warning, an example of ‘what not to do’ when life becomes overwhelming. A worthy goal will bring you joy, not only when you attain it, but also as you chase it.