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home sweet home

Home Sweet Home by Elizabeths Designs
Home Sweet Home (Elizabeth’s Designs)

I was in an unfamiliar house in England. It was very long and large and located in an upper-class suburb. I do know that I was visiting the new house of the family I was nanny for in England (although this is nothing like the house they live in now which is an ancient mansion).  It was years later and the children were grown. I think I was with the current ‘nanny’.
Someone was trying to get into the house and we were a bit worried. I rang the emergency number but didn’t know the address of the house I was in. Not knowing the address or where we were, disturbed me;
really disturbed me. 
This is a typical nightmare for me.  Another version is that I don’t know where I live so I don’t know how to get home. My mind is a complete blank. It really freaks me out. In some of my older dreams, I manage to find my way ‘home’ to the house that I lived in until I was fourteen… Someone else is living there and they do not know me. This also really upsets me.



Previously I have likened a house or building to the mind of the dreamer but I think in your dreams, the home is a metaphor for your identity. Not knowing the address of the house is akin to not knowing who you are; hence the ‘disturbed’ emotional response to the dream.


A quick look at your astrological chart shows Neptune and the moon in Scorpio in your first house. Emotional security is central to your identity but you lack trust that your needs will be met. Just when you think you know who you are – or, as in the dream, where you’re at – it disappears.


Take note of what is happening in your life when you have these dreams. Likely, something is occurring that is making you feel insecure and your subconscious mind goes searching for an anchor. These anchors are often in the past and for you, they are related to home, family and a sense of belonging.


The recurring dream is set in different locations that have at various times been your home. In the recent dream, you visit the new home of your ‘nanny’ family. In this instance your role is clear and you know the people but the environment is unfamiliar. In the older dream where you return to your childhood home, it is upsetting to be unknown in a familiar environment. There is always discord, a rupture.


Your subconscious is bringing your inner search for a strong sense of self identity to your waking attention. As the dream is recurring, this is a key part of your life’s journey.



vivid dreams

Night with her Train of Stars and her Great Gift of Sleep by Edward Robert Hughes

Night with her Train of Stars and her Great Gift of Sleep by Edward Robert Hughes

Last night, I had some amazingly vivid dreams that I was able to recall in detail. Flatmate’s hanging heavy curtains; brooding in an atmospheric bar; outdoor auctions of yellow clothing and LPs (you know, old vinyl records like your parents had) held in an urban amphitheatre/construction-site; parking giant utes; a giant bed and giant mirror in a giant bedroom; two attractive men – in the one dream. Such rich dream imagery. What’s not to love?

Something that no doubt contributed to setting the dream scene was starting to read the chapter, ‘Practical Dreamwork’ in Anthony Steven’s book, Private Myths. He tells of the importance of stating your intention to dream during the night and remember it in the morning, and also how important it is to record your dream memory as soon as you wake up. It’s best done before you are fully awake so keep pen and paper or a recorder by the bed.

I’m wondering though if Mercury’s approaching conjunction to Neptune in Aquarius this week is also lending a hand to help dream messages be communicated. For me, this aspect is occurring in my 12th house of the subconscious and I have a strong Neptune-Mercury signature in my natal chart.

Is anyone else having fabulous dreams now?