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Muddy water

Two beautiful white elephants fly beside me. They are dressed in royal costumes carrying royal people. As I was trying to get out of their way, I saw another pair of elephants. These ones were green and also dressed as royalty. They are escaping something or someone and all heading in one direction. I went in the same direction.
The street ended. We all jumped into muddy water. Everyone around me used whatever they could to stay afloat. At one point, a tub was full of muddy water but we were able to dump all the water out. I was swimming on the outside of the tub until all the water could be dumped out. I was then able to get into the tub and be safe.


Image: Elliot Little

The elephants, royalty, and green colour together speak to me of good luck and prosperity. What do they mean to you? Diving deeper into your personal associations for each of these dream symbols will provide important clues as to what you are trying to escape. Perhaps life has become too comfortable, too boring for you? Are you seeking to engage with life in a more visceral way? Getting into the muddy water of raw human emotions and testing your survival skills? As shown by your deft use of the tub, you are adequately equipped for the adventure.
PS Do you listen to blues music? Muddy Waters could help.



water, water everywhere


As I am falling asleep, I am aware that I am shivering but not cold and as I drift into my dream I find myself swimming in the ocean. I am far from land so I don’t know where I set off from. I swim, getting progressively more exhausted until I come to a very small island.

On the island there is a small tree, a bench and a chest that when opened is like an esky with bottles of water. Nothing else. I sit on the bench looking out to sea. In each direction I look the horizon appears a different colour: deep purple to the north, green to the east, orange to the west and black to the south.

After what seems like a very long time a message arrives in a bottle. It is written in what appears to be rainbow ink and it just says ‘There is no way back….and no way forward….this is the end’.

I always wake up really distressed.


This dream reminds me of the Hermit card in the tarot… You are all alone and must rely on your inner wisdom
to overcome your situation. Waking in a distressed state, shows that you are not comfortable doing this.

The barrier to change is an emotional one (water = emotion). You are tired of swimming. Ask yourself: What are tired of? What are you ‘bottling up’ inside? On-going relationship issues? Struggling to love yourself? Whatever the issue is – and I’m sure you know it well – it needs to be addressed.

The island is there to stop you from drowning. It is a place for you to rest as you negotiate the emotional sea and plot your course. It offers support but not a solution to the problem.

And the problem is concisely, if not subtly summed up in the message in the bottle. Say them aloud. Are these words true?

The words in the bottle are a challenge. It is up to you, and you alone, to accept or reject this message. It is a call to action, a dare, a dare to take a risk and do something.

Although you could, of course, choose to stay on the island – plenty of water in that chest and there’s a tree and a bench and 360 degree views. What more do you need? (That wasn’t a rhetorical question.)

All around you are choices. The rainbow ink of the bottled message indicates a range of opportunities. Each direction you look offers a different colour, a different choice. In the North, deep purple (indigo?) for divine spirituality; to the East, green, perhaps a rebirth/renewal of love; orange to the West, promising vitality and will; and to the South, black.

I believe the South represents your past. It is the nameless place: I don’t know where I set off from. It is black, exhausted. There is nothing more there for you. You can stay on the island alone or be brave and set off into the unknown.

Like the Hermit, take some time to think, to meditate, regain your inner strength. But then, sweet dreamer,
choose a direction and swim. Swim for your life.